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Winter of Santa Claus’s hometown in Finland

by Victoria

Rovaniemi village (Lapland, Finland) is known as the home of the old snowman. About 8km north of downtown Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village is open to visitors every day.

In 2010, the city of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, claimed to be Santa’s hometown. According to legend, Santa Claus lives among the snow-capped mountains in the Arctic, but because he wanted to protect the secret place, he created another place for people to celebrate Christmas with him.

Lapland’s most popular destination is described as a true resort with a series of souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes … However, the 3 most attractive places are Santa Claus Office, Santa Claus Main Post Office and Arctic Circle.

As Santa’s hometown, the Christmas season in Lapland is more touristy. In addition to visiting famous places, visitors here also experience the cold winter in Northern Europe.

According to the Nordic Visitor, the Lapland region has a sub-arctic climate. From December to February, the area averages around -16 degrees C to 3 degrees Celsius depending on the location. Lapland used to have the lowest temperature of about -30 degrees Celsius. The cold winter, heavy snow, allows visitors to participate in tourist activities such as reindeer excursions or exploring ice castles and caves of Santa Claus.

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, this year’s festive season in Lapland was bleaker than every year. According to AFP, many travel agencies in Lapland find themselves in a difficult situation when there are no tourists. Every year, the smokeless industry in “Santa’s hometown” brings in about $ 1.2 billion in revenue. According to a survey, sales of about 60% of tourism businesses in Lapland would halve if there are no international visitors.

One of the places not to be missed when visiting Rovaniemi during the festive season is the Santa Claus Office (Santa’s office). Here, visitors can discover many interesting secrets about this character. On average, each year, Mr. Tuyet at his office welcomes about 300,000 visitors. During Christmas, the number of visitors skyrocketed.

Winter is also an ideal time to see the Northern Lights in Lapland. Northern light in this area is always sought after by tourists. The auroras appear depending on the weather conditions. To serve tourists watching the auroras in cold conditions, many hotels also design glass-faced igloos. Some places are also equipped with aurora arctic signaling system to ensure visitors will not miss the unique experience in life.

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