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Why should you go to Jerez De La Frontera Spain?

by Victoria

Jerez de la Frontera Spain is a beautiful city located in the southwest between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cadiz Mountains, attracting a lot of tourists all over the world in recent years. Let’s find out why you should travel here!

Jerez De La Frontera is an ancient city

With wide streets, squares and rows of jacaranda (purple phoenix) trees blooming brilliantly throughout the spring, Jerez De La Frontera Spain makes visitors faint when they first visit this beautiful city.

Vì sao bạn nên đến Jerez De La Frontera Tây Ban Nha?

Jerez De La Frontera’s antiquity is also a highlight, because there are many fountains, palaces, churches and orange trees. You can check out the recently restored 11th-century Moorish fort; Del Salvador Cathedral, which used to be a mosque and exhibits La Virgen Nina, famous painting by Zurbarán; Villamarta Theater is worth a visit, or simply wander the old town of Jerez De La Frontera.

City of Flamenco music

Flamenco is a type of music and also a dance that originated in Andalusia from the 19th century. Coming to the city of Jerez De La Frontera, visitors cannot ignore this culture. Flamenco music has a fast rhythm but also very detailed (typically the right finger flicking is round and fast when playing the flamenco guitar). The Spanish city of Jerez De La Frontera is known as Cuna Del Flamenco (the cradle of Flamenco music) and every night you will find bailaoras (dancers) dressed in traditional red performance, go with cantaores (singers) and guitarist on the streets here.

Vì sao bạn nên đến Jerez De La Frontera Tây Ban Nha?

Flamenco shows are held in bars, restaurants … all over the city, especially in the Santiago and San Miguel neighborhoods. Visitors can go to the Flamenco Andalusia Center to learn more about this music. In addition, Jerez De La Frontera is also the venue for the International Flamenco de Jerez Festival, usually held in February and March and the Buleria festival in September each year.

City of festivals

As a city famous for sherry, flamenco and horses, Jerez De La Frontera is also a city that hosts spectacular festivals all year round, the largest being Festival de Jerez, held in February and March. The highlight of this festival is the Flamenco music, so you shouldn’t be surprised if the locals show up on the streets inviting you to dance.

Vì sao bạn nên đến Jerez De La Frontera Tây Ban Nha?

In May, the city is famous for its more than 500-year-old Jerez Horse Festival, held at the Gonzalo Hontoria Fair Center. The Wine Harvest Festival, held in September, focuses on sherry, wine, culinary arts and music. Holy Week in Jerez De La Frontera is celebrated with spectacular processions of incense, chanting and some very colorful costumes taking place at the end of the year.

Jerez De La Frontera is famous for the art of horseback riding

Andalusians are famous all over the world for their distinctive and graceful beauty. According to many experts, the Andalusian breed was raised in the 15th century by monks with a passion for horses in Jerez De La Frontera. Therefore, the city has always held horse festivals with spectacular horse riding arts events and programs over the years.

Vì sao bạn nên đến Jerez De La Frontera Tây Ban Nha?

The best place to see a show is at the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Arts in Palacio Recreo de las Cadenas. Here, you’ll enjoy an authentic equestrian ballet with typical Spanish music and 18th century traditional costumes. The dances are taken from classic and country costumes. The city of Jerez De La Frontera also boasts a superficial Museum of the Art of Equestrianism, where you can see a collection of wagons and jewelry used in equestrian art throughout the centuries.

Sherry wine’s hometown

Sherry is a wine made from white grapes and the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera is home to this famous wine. Sherry is produced in a variety of varieties mainly from the Palomino grape variety, from the lighter version of the meal white wine, the Manzanilla and the Fino wine. Darker and heavier color versions are Amontillado and Oloroso wines. Dessert sweet wines are also made from Pedro Ximenez or Moscatel grapes, sometimes blended with sherry from Palomino grapes.

Vì sao bạn nên đến Jerez De La Frontera Tây Ban Nha?

Upon arrival at Jerez De La Frontera, you will find wineries, museums, bars and restaurants offering food and wine everywhere. Each type has its own characteristics. Manzilla drier and lighter, Fino characterizes the aroma of almonds. Pedro Ximenez is more natural and the locals consider it the perfect pre-meal aperitif. When traveling to Spain, you also want to enjoy this signature wine once!

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