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Here’s the current status for destinations opened in 50 States

by Chloe

Covid-19 pandemic has made a massive chaotic to the travel industry of the United States. The COVID-19 outbreak is having a devastating impact on the American travel and tourism sector and a new report from the U.S. Travel Association and Oxford Economics has highlighted the level of financial damage it has inflicted. Due to this pandemic, the USA has lost over $500 Billion in 2020.

More Americans now say they regularly wear masks in stores, businesses |  Pew Research Center

As a result, the USA has to revive its travel industry to save its economy. After weeks — even months — of shutdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic, the country is beginning to slowly reopen.

Federal guidelines for reopening the country have left the decision to state governors. State, county, and city leaders are taking different approaches when it comes to reopening and lifting lockdowns.

Most of the governors, still issue stay-at-home order, restrict some areas such as club or concert, sporting venues. Face masks are required in public settings, except Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Tennessee and Wyoming.

However, except California, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Kentucky with advisory to stay at home, Puerto Rico with stay-at-home order of curfew, the others states have no strict restrictions.

In 50 states, retail store, restaurants, bars, personal care shops such as Barbershops, hair salons and nail salons, massage therapy, tattoo and piercing shops; Houses of worship; Entertainment places includes Museums, art galleries, zoos and aquariums, movie theaters, bowling alleys, gaming, etc. And outdoor and recreation like gyms and pools is opened.

Retail activities are come back to daily work, due to the reopening of almost every retail store in 50 states. Similarly, House of worship is opened in every states.

Personal care is keeping on daily track too, most types of salons such as barbershop, hair salons, nails salons is reopening.

Even bars are reopening in some areas. In Arizona, bars can operate only as restaurants. In California, bars are reopened in some counties. On the other hands, some states still close the bars which include: Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Entertainment places are reopened among 45 states (not included Wisconsin, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Massachusetts), most of the theaters are come back to daily operation, only entertainment venues which are held in these below states are permitted:
• Alabama; Arkansas; Indiana; Kentucky; Nebraska
• Georgia, Idaho – Large one;
• Connecticut, New Jersey – Indoor performance venues;
• Florida, Oklahoma – Sporting venues;
• Iowa – Indoor venues;
• Maine – Performing arts venues
• Maryland – Live entertainment venues;
• Massachusetts – Outdoor theaters and performance venues; indoor theaters and performance venues in some regions;
• Michigan – Performance venues;
• Missouri – Music venues;
• Montana – Concert venues;
• North Carolina – Other venues for live performances;
• North Dakota – Music and entertainment venues;
• Puerto Rico – Outdoor concerts and other open venues;

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