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Well-known places in Taipei, Taiwan

by Victoria

Taipei is a famous city in Taiwan with many fascinating attractions, breathtakingly beautiful scenes. Traveling to Taipei is an ideal destination with many beautiful landscapes which makes tourists’ hearts begin to tremble. This young and active city will give you the most special experiences.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) — Josh Ellis Photography

Ranked as a national monument in Taipei – Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is an attractive destination for tourists. This is a memorial house built to commemorate the former President of the Republic of China – Chiang Kai-shek, outside of the campus, there is a fairly large park in Liberty Square.

This is a unique structure in the pre-modern period, with curved tile roofs like the Forbidden City Palace. Inside the hall is a huge Chiang Kai-shek statue, with concert halls, libraries, galleries and a large area, used for outdoor entertainment activities.

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is one of Taipei’s  famous tourist destinations for Buddhism, built by immigrants from Fujian province under the Qing dynasty around the end of the 18th century. Severely damaged in wars, natural disasters, … Currently the temple has been restored and still retains its ancient architecture, extremely dignified and noble.

7 Things You Should Know About Longshan Temple

It is also known with another name as the Dragon God Temple, because the temple gate, temple pillars and roofs are sculpted with flying dragons. Although Longshan Temple is located in the middle of the crowded market street, it still retains its isolation, separate from the outside world. Longshan is one of Taiwan’s largest temples that is especially famous for its sacredness, worshiping not only Buddhas but also gods like Mazu and Guan Yu.

Shilin Night Market Street

Shilin Night Market > Taipei City

On a Taiwan tour, visitors should come to the famous Taiwan night market town of Shilin – the largest night market in Taipei to enjoy shopping and Taiwanese cuisine at a relatively cheap price. Enjoy dishes such as herbal stewed ribs, sausages wrapped in sticky rice, rotten tofu, fried avocado chicken …and see how delicious the taste is.

Wisteria Tea House

Wistaria Tea House in Taipei - Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan - Justgola

It will be a pity if you travel to Taipei but miss the Wisteria Tea House – a place that attracts a lot of tourists every day. Different colorful wisteria flowers are always in full bloom, giving tourists unique and interesting feelings while visiting.

Tochigi's wisteria festival is a magical wonderland

The domes of the tea house are covered with wisteria flowers and green colors from different plants, creating a peaceful green landscape full of romance. As a result, many directors have chosen the Wisteria Tea House as the setting for their films.

Beitou Museum

Beitou Hot Spring Museum | Taipei Travel

The next destination in Taiwan’s Taipei tour is the Beitou Museum, which was originally a hotel, history has its ups and downs, after many renaming, until 1984 it became a museum and opened till today. The door operates regularly to welcome guests from tours to visit. Beitou displays about 5000 objects including folk art works to help you understand Taiwanese culture better.

Pause Landis Resort

PAUSE LANDIS WULAI - Prices & Hotel Reviews (New Taipei) - Tripadvisor

This is not only the cleanest but also the most beautiful hot spring in the world with Japan’s tradition. Pause Landis Resort is one of the famous destinations in Taipei when there are many flowing, hot springs that become a place to relax and chill, creating an irresistible attraction for tourists all over the world. If you come to Pause Landis Resort in the spring of your Taiwan tour, you also have the opportunity to admire the splendor of cherry blossoms.

Maokong Gondola

Tea for Taipei: Maokong Gondola to Taiwan's Past - Travelogues from Remote  Lands

Coming to Maokong Gondola, you will experience walking in the air while watching the green tea hill from above or the city at dawn, giving yourself the opportunity to escape the hustle and fatigue of daily work. The Gondola cable will take tourists through many famous sights of Taipei such as the zoo, ZhiNan Temple, … and enjoy the most wonderful moments.

Taipei Tower – 101 floor tower

Taipei 101 tower named 'world's toughest' building by Popular Mechanics |  Building Design + Construction

Possessing a height of 509 meters including 101 floors – Taipei Tower has a very unique architectural design in a multi-level style with three different parts. From the top floor of the tower, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the magnificent city of Taipei, especially the city will become more sparkling at night.

Standing on the tower to admire the beautiful scenery gives you a peaceful feeling like flying in the air to immerse yourself with the beautiful nature.


An Insider's Guide to Ximending, Taipei | Hive Life Magazine

Ximending is a quite familiar destination that most of those who travel to Taipei want to visit, where there are many exciting entertainment games, many fashion shops, many stalls selling Taiwanese delicacies such as Fried eggs with scallops, effervescent tea, fried dumplings, … will help you alleviate your appetite and recharge. If you are an active person, love entertainment games, do not miss this place.

Taiwan Palace Museum

National Palace Museum - Wikipedia

To understand Taiwanese culture better, visit the Taiwan Palace Museum, which currently displays more than 700,000 artifacts, which preserve the island’s priceless cultural values. There are many royal works of art including bronze, porcelain, precious portraits, or famous Chinese landscape paintings.

The National Palace Museum is very suitable for those who want to learn about Chinese history and culture. It can be said that this is the place to keep more than 4000 years of Chinese culture in the heart of Taipei city, Taiwan.

Raohe Night Market

Raohe Street Tourists Night Market in Taipei - Attraction in Taipei, Taiwan  - Justgola

Besides the famous Shilin night market, the reputation of Raohe night market is equally as famous in Taipei Taiwan. Raohe is not only one of the most attractive shopping destinations, attracting tourists to shop a lot, but it is also a culinary paradise with many restaurants selling many Taiwanese delicacies, specialties of Taipei. This night market mascot is an owl symbol representing the vibrant rhythm of the night.

Raohe Night Market is also a very impressive photo-taken spot because the colorful lights illuminate the whole market. It is the bustle and friendliness of the indigenous people and the unique traditional culture of the market, especially the unique ancient architecture of Tu Huu Temple that attracts more and more foreign visitors. 

Shifen Ancient Town

As one of the famous ancient villages in Taipei, this is the first place you should visit when you want to visit an old village, and if you are a fan of traditional cultural values, Shifen ancient town is the ideal place for you to have many interesting experiences and discoveries. In the village, everything is very ancient from the houses to the streets … Ancient architecture will take you back to time, giving you special emotions that are difficult to describe. The ancient town of Shifen is famous for its ancient architecture, the culture of releasing lanterns and a charming cross-section waterfall.

Coming to this village to explore the lantern culture is also a great experience. Tourists walking around at night can easily see the image of a couple lighting candles and releasing sky lights together. Tourists traveling to Taiwan can also experience the feeling of making lanterns by themselves, making wishes and dropping into the sky together. The ideal place to start releasing lanterns is on a sharp road that runs through the village. 

New Taipei: Sky Lanterns at Shifen Old Street in Pingxi – Tupang Gala

Not only experience dropping lanterns, you will be transported by train to take a few walks around the old village, and admire the beautiful scenery around the village. If you love souvenirs you can buy right at the village, especially visitors will enjoy the wonderful taste of the village’s specialties.

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall: The Most Stunning Day Trip from Taipei - Eternal Arrival

This beautiful waterfall is located in the area of ​​the ancient town of Shifen, this is a majestic waterfall, it is also known as the Niagara of Asia. For those travelers who love adventure, Shifen Falls will be the ideal place because the trail to the top of the mountain is relatively exhausting and needs the toughness. However, you gain the opportunity to admire the white water rushing from above, below is the blue lake in the charming scenery of the mountains and forests.

Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street is a beautiful Taiwanese scene that was designed as the main setting for Spirited away, so it is also known as “the land of spirits”. When coming to Jiufen, Taiwanese tourists can taste the highland tea, sip the rustic cakes, and immerse themselves in life and nature here.

Things to do in Jiufen & Jinguashi in Taiwan - eDreams Travel Blog

Taipei city has the blend of modern beauty of luxurious architecture, along with ancient beauty from ancient temples and monuments. There will be many other interesting experiences that can only be known clearly when experiencing this fascinating trip on your own.

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