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Waterfall in Thailand where visitors can climb like Spider-Man

by Victoria

Waterfalls often have slippery rocks, so it is difficult for anyone to climb to the top of the falls without specialized tools. But at Bua Thong waterfall in Si Lanna National Park near Chiang Mai, you can climb almost vertical rocks with your bare hands and feet. Visitors came to Bua Thong usually stand at the foot of the waterfall, take off their shoes and begin to climb with their bare hands, despite the rushing water.

The secret lies in the very structure of this small and multi-tiered waterfall when made up of limestone. It is nicknamed “sticky waterfall” because limestone creates enough friction to prevent visitors from slipping. In addition, the water rich in calcium makes algae and moss can not grow on round rocks like bubbles. Therefore, an ordinary person can easily climb to the top of about 100 m high waterfall easily, even at steep slopes. On the contrary, they are also difficult to slide down from the top of the falls due to the great friction.

There are 5 different levels to experience climbing Bua thong waterfall, natural stone steps to help visitors through the most difficult passages. In addition, visitors can also cling to the rope to conquer this waterfall. Many healthy people still only use their bare hands and feet, they say it feels like turning into a wall-climbing Spider-Man superhero.

On hot and humid days, climbing waterfalls gives visitors a refreshing, cool feeling. This cream-colored waterfall is not the most popular in the area, making it ideal for those who do not like busy tourist spots. 

Visitors often wear swimsuits to conquer the falls. Right next to the entrance of the waterfall is a picnic spot, several restaurants. Thai people often spend the day at Bua Thong waterfall eating, picnic.

There is also a walking path from the picnic area to a temple with crystal clear lakes. On the way, you can see a lot of birds and butterflies. The waterfall is about an hour from downtown Chiang Mai by motorbike or car. You can also rent a taxi for a round trip price of around 1,000 baht.

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