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Volcanic lake Kawah Putih Indonesia – Beautiful view to the surrealism

by Victoria

The country of Indonesia is a great destination to explore the majestic natural sceneries. After going to the forest, down to the sea, I changed the schedule to the West Java island to see one of the most spectacular volcanic lakes in Indonesia – Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih volcanic lake in Bandung is a place that always overwhelms visitors with its dreamlike beauty as real.

About Kawah Putih volcanic lake

Bandung is a large city in Indonesia about 150km from Jakarta capital. Tourism in Bandung is not too developed and is not popular with foreign tourists, but Indonesians love this place very much. The highlight of Bandung tourism is the cool green highland terrain plus a pleasant climate. This place is so loved that Jakarta people come to Bandung almost every day. Famous destinations when traveling to Bangdung is the Ir National Forest. H. Djuanda; the famous volcano Tangkuban Perahu; Patenggang Lake; Gunung Putri Island … and of course there is the volcanic lake Kawah Putih.

Kawah Putih: West Java's Stunning Volcanic Crater

Kawah Putih in Indonesian means “white volcanic lake”, in English is “White Crater” – a place loved by many indigenous tourists. Kawah Putih is located in the south of Bandung city, about 50 kilometers from the city at an altitude of 2430 meters. From Bandung to Kawah Putih, there are many steep passes, but the cool highland air also makes the trip more comfortable.

Travel experience when traveling to Kawah Putih

Move to Bandung
To get to Bandung, you need to fly from Vietnam via Jakarta. Currently, there is no direct flight from Saigon – Jakarta, so you must transit in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. The airlines operating this route include Jetstar, Malindo Air or Scoot Air.

After landing in Jakarta, you can refer to some very convenient means of getting to Bandung:

Kereta Api trains:

With the trend of more and more tourist spots emerging, people also focus on exploiting a lot of means to Bandung, such as buses, trains, and planes. However, the most chosen vehicle is the train, because it is always “on time”, a luxury for the people of Southeast Asia’s most populous country when faced with the situation. terrible traffic jam.

One disadvantage of taking the train is quickly running out of tickets, getting to the train station has to wait in line and wait a long time so the Kawah Putih Island travel experience is to pre-download the Tiket app to your phone to keep track of the schedule and schedule. buy tickets online first, then go to the station to get tickets later. Don’t worry too much about the payment, if you do not have an international credit card or an Indonesian domestic card, you can go to convenience stores like Indomaret or Alfamart to pay the ticket within 1 hour. (Note that these stores are available throughout Indonesia!).

Train departs from Gambir Station to Bandung Station with code Argo Parahyangan 22 departing from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. I chose the train at 8:45 with a fare of Rp 110,000 and it took about 3 hours and 15 minutes to arrive.

Lên hồ núi lửa Kawah Putih | Vân Hùng Solo


This is the type of vehicle I choose for the return ride; Xtrans car company takes passengers directly from Bandung to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. This is a shuttle bus – all the way through without stopping along the way except when filling. The car goes along the Bandung – Jakarta highway and drops off at the airport gates. The bus departs every hour from the De Batara hotel about 5 kilometers from the city center and has a one-way ticket price of Rp 150,000.

Move to the volcanic lake Kawah Putih
There are 3 ways to get to Kawah Putih for a self-sufficient trip: bus or taxi, motorbike. If you travel alone like me, you can choose a motorbike for convenient travel. If you go with a group of taxi friends, it will be a “top priority”, sharing per capita is also quite cheap.

If traveling by bus, go to Leuwi Panjang station to find a minibus – a local called angkot to go to Ciwidey or Kawah Putih and vice versa. One-way ticket price is Rs 50,000 per person.

Visit the volcanic lake Kawah Putih

The price to visit the lake is 90,000Rp including tram transfer to the top of the volcano.

The road to the winding lake is winding, growing with ferns and huge old trees. After about 10 minutes for the 5km distance you will admire the panoramic view of Kawah Putih volcanic lake.

Exoticism of White Crater Bandung | Authentic Indonesia Blog

The lake has a fairly large area and is surrounded by steep mountains. The color of the lake changes depending on the sulfur concentration. You will be amazed by the unique change of water color from emerald green to milky white, it is not too much to say that Kawah Putih volcanic lake has surreal beauty.

In addition to the “no smoking” and “no swimming” warnings, it is also recommended that you only visit the lake for up to 15 minutes if you do not want to inhale sulfur vapors.

Kawah Putih: West Java's Stunning Volcanic Crater

Tip: There is a lot of mud around the lake mouth, carefully walk so that your feet are immersed in the mud like playing

Around the lake, there are many dry and barren trees, can not be concluded due to the intense sunlight or the intense burning of sulfur. Anyway, it is also a great back-ground for magical shimmering photos, plus exotic blue water colors.

Kawah Putih - Bandung's Volcanic Lake AKA The White Crater lake

In addition to the dry trees, Kawah Putih is also surrounded by dense green trees like a primeval forest around the crater. You can walk on the wooden bridge in the middle of the lake (for a fee) or challenge yourself over the 500m long net suspension bridge that crosses the Cantigi forest. There are all kinds of games for you to entertain and take pictures here.

Some notices when traveling to Kawah Putih volcanic lake

  • Buy SIM in advance at the airport or station to book a car when needed. In addition, free wifi is available in many public spots.
  • Traffic in Bandung is relatively chaotic due to the small and steep roads. They drive on the left hand side, the traffic police are also quite a lot, if you rent a car, be careful.
  • The Indonesian majority are Muslim, respect their religion and don’t be surprised when the majority of the people eat with their bare hands.
  • Many people in Bandung do not speak English; You are enthusiastic to describe with your hands, they are very friendly and hospitable so they are still willing to show you.
  • And remember, paying the price is an experience not to forget when traveling to dust.
  • If you have time, combine to visit the strawberry hill to enjoy the succulent strawberries or the green tea hills planted from Dutch colonial times still in Bandung.

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