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Visit the workplace of the President of Mexico

by Victoria

The country of Mexico has many interesting and interesting destinations waiting for your upcoming journey. And if you are a history lover, like to explore magnificent architectural buildings, magnificent stories and interesting stories, the National Palace of Mexico is the first choice that you should visit. The National Palace of Mexico is the headquarters of the President in Mexico located in the main square of Mexico City, Plaza de la Constitución. This palace owns a rare and splendid architecture.

The National Palace of Mexico is located on the square Zócalo. Through many ups and downs and also a silent witness to many important historical events in Mexico, this is an attractive destination that many tourists visit when coming to Mexico. Visiting the outside palace to admire the working room of Meritorious Mexico President Benito Juarez, you will admire the outstanding mural created by the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico có nhiều điều thú vị chờ bạn đến khám phá

About the National Palace Mexico

The workplace of the President of Mexico; Also a place of daily living and protecting the Federal Treasury, the National Palace of Mexico is a witness of the heroic history and important cultural values ​​of the Mexican people.

The forerunner of this place is the palace started by Emperor Aztec II in the early 16th century. By 1521, this palace was destroyed and completely rebuilt as a large fortress with 3 courtyards. in. In 1562, the royal family of Spain bought the building from the Cortés family as the residence of the deputies of Nueva España, a function it served until the independence of Mexico. And now, the national palace has become one of the most important political places of the country of Mexico until today.

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico lộng lẫy về đêm

When does the Mexico City National Palace open?

Currently, the national palace in Mexico City is open every day of the week except Sunday to welcome visitors here. And to avoid crowded times, you should arrange time on weekdays. Visiting the palace, visitors will be introduced to the history and structure of the Mexican government by a tour guide. And after visiting, remember to spend a small amount of money to thank the tour guide.

Explore the majestic, splendid Mexico City National Palace

The National Palace of Mexico has an extremely large facade system with a length of up to 200 meters and its red color combined with majestic architecture, has become a prominent tourist destination, most imposing in the current Mexican city.

Palace architecture

When you first come to the palace of Mexico City, you will be overwhelmed by the towering buildings when possessing the ancient architecture decorated mainly with marble and plaster. The vignettes and reliefs on the building walls are meticulously decorated, creating a magnificent palace, a pinnacle of art.

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico lộng lẫy

The building’s facade is ornate, featuring an interesting image such as an eagle combined with a snake carved inside the claw meant to show the strength and strength of the nation of Mexico. . Surrounding the palace is the fence wall decorated with a soft and unique arch. The bedrooms in the palace are decorated with rugs made of cotton, feathers, and rabbit fur to create a luxury and eye-catching look. The floors made of stucco but polished and covered with fur carpets look very smooth and express the lavish, splendid, rich beauty of this national palace.

The Murals

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico nổi bật với tranh tường

What attracts the attention and makes tourists spend a lot of time arriving at the National Palace of Mexico is the office of Meritorious Mexico President Benito Juarez. For those who love art, especially like watching the lines of murals, be sure to be at heart when admiring the precious art painting painted on the very prominent wall. This mural is the work of the most famous artist in Mexico, the genius Diego Rivera. The mural painted from 1929 to 1951 depicts the civilization of the country of Mexico from the appearance of the serpent god Aztec to the post-revolutionary period. Nine murals are interwoven, interwoven and cover most of the eastern and northern walls of the first floor above with the meaning of depicting the lives of indigenous people before the Spanish conquest.

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico nổi bật với tranh tường đặc sắc

Large courtyard

Cung điện quốc gia Mexico sở hữu khoảng sân rộng rãi

Besides, the palace of Mexico City also owns many extremely large and airy courtyards to help tourists find a sense of peace and relaxation when arriving here. While taking a leisurely walk, watching the unique architectural buildings and unique decorative art works will definitely help you reap many new and interesting things when you come here. And do not forget to take pictures at the magnificent palace to own beautiful pictures when traveling to Mexico.

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