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Unique “waterfall” pouring wine of the Thai ethnic in Vietnam

by Victoria

A local specialty restaurant in Lao Cai province, Vietnam recently shared a curious video for international diners. In the video, diners are invited to wine by beautiful Thai ethnic girls, but the special thing is the way of pouring wine exactly like the way a waterfall falls in the highlands of Vietnam.

Below is a video recorded by a Vietnamese vlogger while having a meal at Bong Ban Xanh restaurant. The video shows viewers what is “waterfall” pouring wine style.

The restaurant is called Bong Ban Xanh (Blue Bauhinia), located in the heart of modern developing Lao Cai city with a miniature space full of Thai ethnic culture in the Northwest of Vietnam. Coming here, you will enjoy the special dishes with unique flavors of Thai people: Dishes are made mainly from river fish, spring fish and buffalo meat, smoked pork, dried and marinated with typical spices such as cheeks, guava seeds and chili garlic to create an attractive and unforgettable taste.

Not only that, you will also be immersed in the famous cultural and artistic space of the Northwest, which is the flower dance along with the Pieu flare dance, the radiant flute, especially with a folk song inviting waterfall wine to show the hospitality of the Thai ethnic.

(Photo source: Facebook Bong Ban Xanh Restaurant – Thai ethnic cuisine)

Restaurant staff in traditional Thai costumes
Dance performance with Thai ethnic instruments at the restaurant

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