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Unique buildings in Singapore are worth a visit when you’re in town

by Victoria

Singapore has the smallest area in Southeast Asia, is a country with strong economic and tourism development. Lion Island owns many shopping areas crowded with thousands of goods, entertainment services, convenient transportation, neat and clean roads … Every year, Singapore tourism welcomes millions of tourists. from all over the world. Besides famous works such as the Esplanade Theater and Marina Bay Sands, Singapore also has many architectural gems worth exploring. 

1. The Hive, Nanyang Technological University

The Hive building owns a space like a honeycomb. Natural ventilation holes are designed between compartments. This is the first building to receive the Green Mark Platinum Star Champion, the highest award for outstanding design for sustainable design in Singapore.

2. The Interlace

The Interlace is an apartment building in Singapore with 31 apartment blocks stacked in hexagons. The construction won numerous architectural awards, notably World Building (2015) and Urban Habitat (2014). The design of the building ensures that every apartment has a sweeping view of the surrounding area.

3. Residential Ferrell 

The building stands out by its bizarre design with many winding lines. This architectural construction has only 2 apartments on each floor. Ceiling-to-floor windows on each side help the apartment receive plenty of light and air from outside with a 270-degree view. A rooftop terrace, jet pool, spa and hot tub are some of the facilities available.

4. SkyTerrace @ Dawson

SkyTerrace @ Dawson is said to be a beautiful work in architecture. The design of this exciting building is inspired by a classic puzzle game or lego blocks. The construction also focuses on environmental friendliness with many sky gardens. More than 70% of the area is covered with trees.

5. Faculty of Arts, Design and Communication, Nanyang Technological University 

The Hive is not the only building with a unique campus in Nanyang Technological University. It also has Arts, Design and Communication (ADM). The design of the project consists of 3 interwoven blocks surrounding a square. The roof is green grass. Inside there are classes, libraries and design studios.

6. Tree House

The 24-floor eco-friendly apartment building in Bukit Timah earned its place in the 2014 Guinness World Record for its unique design. Vertical gardens reduce CO2 emissions by cooling indoor spaces with green amenities such as cooling windows and motion sensor activation lights in public areas.

7. SkyVille @ Dawson 

With a smart design, the Skyville @ Dawson building has no columns and beams, making it easy to change and customize the space. It was built with 12 gardens overhead. The roof garden on the 47th floor has a 400-meter jogging track. The common areas, hallways, lifts and entrances are naturally ventilated. Solar cells are used to power rooftop electric lights.

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