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Uluwatu – A dream place for vibrant tropical experiences

by Victoria

Uluwatu is an area in the southernmost part of Bali, on the Bukit peninsula. Uluwatu in particular and the Bukit peninsula in general are known as the most beautiful beaches in Bali. The beaches near Uluwatu are often visited by a lot of tourists, but if you drive a little longer, you will see beaches stretching with clear water. In particular, this area is also suitable for those who like a quiet atmosphere so that they can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, comfortably enjoy relaxing moments on the beach without paying attention to the guests. other travel. In addition, Uluwatu is also a great surf spot and that is also the reason why a large number of tourists come here each year.

Beaches at Uluwatu

The area of ​​Uluwatu is quite large, so it is best to rent a scooter to be able to visit the whole island, especially the beautiful beaches at Bukit. The amnesty in Uluwatu is quite good, the traffic is not too complicated. Two of the most beautiful beaches in Uluwatu are Padang Padang and Dreamland but these places are usually quite crowded during the tourist season.

Padang Padang beach

In addition to the aforementioned beaches, you can also choose Balangan or Pandawa beach in the East as an ideal stopover. This place has a long beach with a wide space open to many beautiful views. Locals and tourists often come here to relax, but this place is still quite deserted, so it will be very suitable for those who want to experience the feeling of being immersed in the sound of the waves without being caught. anyone else disturbs.

Balangan beach

Let’s meet Jay and Alina, a couple who exchanged their steady paychecks, everything they owed and their permanent home for a life full of travel, crazy experiences and adventures!

“We started documenting and sharing our journey on YouTube to inspire other people to chase their dreams, take risks and not to be afraid to go on their own adventures!” – The couple said. Their youtube channel has also posted a video of the great experience at Uluwatu beaches.

“We have recently moved to our dream place – Bali and decided to explore one of the most loved destinations – Uluwatu. It is an absolutely breathtaking place, situated in the South part of Bali, known for its incredible white sand beaches, breathtaking cliff top views and is a true surfers paradise! We went around exploring four of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu – Padang – Padang – small, cozy beach surrounded by the cliffs, famous for its surf scene,

Thomas Beach – the wildest of all, long heaven of white sand, Dreamland Beach – very picturesque, one of the most popular ones, and Green Bowl Beach – one of the best in Bali, cozy, incredibly beautiful and surrounded by 75 m tall cliffs! We really enjoyed our trip and hope you will enjoy it with us!” – Jay and Alina added

Uluwatu Temple

If you have come to Uluwatu we recommend that you do not miss the temples here. With a unique construction site (located on top of a cliff 70 meters high). The temples at Uluwatu really impress visitors. However, you should note that these temples are only for local residents to pray and not open to tourists so don’t be too surprised when you come here. There are many monkeys around the temple, so be careful of your belongings, especially sunglasses if you do not want to be stolen. In addition, you should not hold food in hand because the active monkeys here will not easily overlook such an attractive thing.

Night activities

In the area around Uluwatu you’ll find the best bars in Bali. You can go to Single Fin to be able to sip a certain cocktail while watching the colorful sunset at Uluwatu. If you do not like the high bar, you can also choose the pubs located along Padang Padang beach so you can enjoy the pungent wine mixed with the salty taste of the sea.

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