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Tung Thu Beach – the green gem of Cat Ba island Vietnam

by Victoria

Tung Thu Beach is one of 4 artificial beaches on Cat Ba Island, located in Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city and about 2km from the center of Cat Ba town. It is known that this is the first item of the Cat Ba Amatina project that was put into operation in 2010. Therefore, as soon as it was launched, it attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists. country.

Ideal time to visit Tung Thu beach

The weather in Cat Ba is quite mild, so you can travel to Tung Thu beach at any time of the year. But to be able to enjoy swimming and participating in water activities comfortably, from April to October when the weather is hot in the North will be the most appropriate.

nước xanh, cát trắng - vẻ đẹp của Bãi biển Tùng Thu

The natural scenery is as beautiful as a painting

Like many other beaches on Cat Ba Island, Tung Thu beach also has clear water that seems to be visible to the bottom and eye-catching emerald green color. However, thanks to being surrounded by a steep rocky arc, the waves are always very gentle and gentle.

Moreover, there is also a smooth golden sand that sparkles in the sun and stretches like no end point, one side embraces the clear blue water, the other is protected by coconut trees shading green. All year round, whispering in the wind, making anyone who sets foot in must love at first sight.

In addition, this beach is also luxuriously and modernly designed in the form of a high-end resort, mixed with airy, cool and unspoiled nature, creating an irresistible attraction. for visitors.

đông đúc - điểm nổi bật của Bãi biển Tùng Thu

There is a large luxury restaurant right by the sea

Moonia Restaurant is located on the Tung Thu beach campus, with a capacity of up to 200 guests and decorated luxuriously, aristocratic but equally cozy, is the ideal dining and resting choice for visitors when to the beach.

The most impressive feature of this restaurant is the ingenious and skillful processing techniques of the restaurant’s professionally trained chefs, making seafood species such as tiger prawn, sam, mackerel, fish, Red snapper, cobia, squid, crab, and crabs are featured in the sea into dishes that not only bring delicious, fresh, but also beautiful taste, conquering from the picture to the content.

hải sản - món ăn ngon tại Bãi biển Tùng Thu

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