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Try out Mok Huak – an unique specialty in Thailand

by Chloe

If traveling to Thailand, tourists just ask what Mok Huak is, locals will tell you. Basically, this is a dish made from frog tadpoles. Usually, this dish will be served with a fermented fish sauce called Pla Raa.


For Thai people this is a very delicious dish, but for foreigners, in contrast, many people does not dare to try.

Mok Huak is a dish originating from Isan, northeastern Thailand, but now it is sold in many places. Compared to other dishes in Thailand, Muak Huak is not cheap, especially can only be purchased during the rainy season. This is the season where the frog breeds a lot so you can enjoy Muak Huak.

Nhìn thấy sợ món nòng nọc ếch ướp cay kinh dị của Thái Lan

The usual way to cook Mok Huak is to mix with lemongrass, chili, dill, basil leaves, herbs, spices, then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled with charcoal. It sounds very attractive, the fragrance is also seductive, but when looking at this dish up close, many people are scared.

Mok Huak - Eating Tadpole Casserole (หมกฮวก) in Isaan

In Thailand, Mok Huak is often eaten with sticky rice (khao niao). Frog tadpoles have been found to taste like ground meat, soft and smooth because they have no bones.

Mok Huak - Eating Tadpole Casserole (หมกฮวก) in Isaan

If you cannot eat the tadpoles of the frog, diners can order other frog dishes such as crispy frog thighs, frog hotpot, curry frog…

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