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The most exotic African foods

by Chloe
person holding two bowls of cooked foods

1. Walkie Talkies

Call them walkie talkies or phoenix feet – chicken feet are a healthy treat

Walkie Talkies are one of the most fanatical street foods in Africa, and not half as cute as they sound. As the name goes, these are grilled or deep fried chicken heads and feet—a township dish served with Pap Porridge! Some even call it runaways, ‘Amanqina-Enkukhu’ and ‘Guateng-Maotwana’. Most street food vendors in South Africa offer this protein high snack served with a curried stew or simply grilled. Indeed a claggy delicacy, this is best eaten by hand.

2. Grilled sheep head

Steamed Lamb Head / رأس الخروف مبخر - CookingWithAlia - Episode 738 -  YouTube

It sounds nothing like horror, but when you see this dish on the plate, you can hardly accept it. Sheep head will be left intact like that and then bring to marinate the skin and then bake to fire. The result before our eyes is a sheep head with its teeth intact smiling and looking at us. Do you think you are afraid? Just the appearance, the lamb is so delicious and chewy, it is irresistible to eat.

3. Giant Snail

How To Make Stew With Giant African Land Snails | WLRN

African fall in love with wild snail. It is estimated that Africans eat up to 15 million tons of giant snails every year. According to them, the snail is big because of fertilizing soil and good environment, nothing is toxic. And also due to the assessment of local people, eating grilled, boiled or fried snails will have a good cooling and detoxification function.

4. African termites

Roasted Termites Season in South Africa 2020 – Rove.me

Those who have eaten this dish have rated termites as carrot-like and are an excellent source of protein. After being harvested, termites will be dried out to eat gradually or freshly fried for meals. It is true that when on the plate, the termites with all their wings lie on top of each other, making everyone feel horror. But it is good to eat and has a familiar taste. Do you think you should try it?

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