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Travel in Shanghai – Where to go?

by Victoria

Shanghai is considered one of the most prominent cities in China. Possessing a charm that transcends time and space limits, Shanghai is an architectural, artistic and cultural “banquet” for visitors from afar. From the panoramic view of the bustling city in the skyscraper to the leisurely stroll around the old town, visitors certainly will have the most satisfying experience here.

1. Take fresh air at The Bund

The Bund or Waitan – a symbol that has appeared many times in film and literature – is the first place where you must check-in while traveling Shanghai. This Huangpu riverside area gives you a close-up view of an old Shanghai, with many outstanding architectural works such as Broadway Building, Jardine Matheson,…

Arriving at The Bund in the morning, you will see colorful ships and ferries, gently surf on the water waves and blend into the solitary space of colonial buildings. If you have free time, visit Nanjing Road to buy paper fans or crafts as gifts.

2. 360 Degree cuisine experience at Oriental Pearl Tower

Enjoying a delicious meal while rotating sightseeing is an experience only available at Oriental Pearl Tower. Located 263m above the ground, the revolving restaurant will give you the most complete view of “Oriental Paris” while enjoying authentic Chinese dishes.

3. Explore Yu Garden from the Ming Dynasty

The Chinese art of gardening and caring for bonsai has reached the upper realm. The self-sufficient Shanghai tour will be a bit “missing” if you do not stop in Yuyuan – the most beautiful garden dating back to the Ming Dynasty. The project is an ancient outdoor garden, adorned with many ornate rooms, statues, rocks covered with falling petals and a large goldfish pond.

Because of its long history and high aesthetics, Yuyuan is the “magnet” that attracts both local and international visitors. Don’t forget to take a few more photos with the elaborate dragon-shaped reliefs inside the garden.

4. Watch Shanghai At Night

Shanghai is probably the most beautiful at night. Hundreds, thousands of colorful light bulbs race to light up the city, forming an impressive “miniature artificial auroras”. Shanghai at night looks both modern and romantic, promising to bring invaluable experience to visitors.

5. Meet Mickey Mouse in Shanghai Disneyland

You don’t have to fly all the way to America or Europe to meet Mickey Mouse. In Shanghai Disneyland, you not only have the opportunity to meet famous Disney characters but also enjoy many unique stadiums, fireworks performances or playing rollercoaster rides.

6. Learn Chinese history with Shanghai’s museums Tour

Each museum in Shanghai can be said to depict a different aspect of ancient Chinese art; That could be ceramics, jade jewelry or furniture hundreds of years old left from the Ming and Song dynasties. Culture lovers can’t help admire the masterpieces of paintings or handicrafts made by the ethnic minorities; thereby, understanding more about “aesthetics” in folk.

7. Sail through Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Floating Village

Taking a boat out to the suburbs of Shanghai to admire Chinese nature and culture from a broader perspective is an interesting highlight for a Shanghai tour. You should spend an entire day exploring, starting from Lingering Garden in Suzhou and then on to the tranquil views of Zhouzhuang floating village. Remember to fully charge your phone to capture every memorable image, from ancient temples, elaborate bonsai gardens to silk museums.

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