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Travel back in time with 5 ancient Chinese villages

by Victoria

China is known as one of the largest cultural cradles of the world. Today, many ancient villages in China still exist, giving visitors the feeling of returning to the past of centuries ago.

1. Baoshan Village – A village on a giant rock

Baoshan Stone Village is located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, China. Baoshan attracts tourists with a unique terrain when built on a giant boulder.

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The village was built in the Song Dynasty, by the Naxi people (one of the ethnic groups in China) to fight against the invasion of bandits. Overcoming the challenges of time, over 1000 years of existence, the village still exists today and becomes one of the villages that cannot be missed when traveling to China.

Here, the tiled houses are lined with each other on a giant rock. In the distance, it looked like mushrooms growing out of a cliff. The design of each house in the village is determined by the shape of the rock which it is built in.

Ken, Ellen and Bei in China: Baoshan Stone Village

The entrance to the village is 2 stone doors in the North and South. The other sides are all rocky, and the village itself is dangling on a large cliff. It can be said that the village is a spectacular work of art, carved from a giant rock.

2. Hongde village – Climbing lonely in the middle of the mountain

Hongde Village is located in Guizhou Province, China. This village is isolated by mountains and rivers. Here you can no longer use any road transport to get to other places.

Hongde Peak Climbing ~

The only means that the villagers could communicate to the outside world was the train with the station more than 2km from the village. However, to reach the station, people in Hongde have to cross a canyon 140 meters deep, or walk a few hours on a detour.

In 2002, a cable system was crossed over the canyon so that people could descend the mountains more easily. However, to be honest, it was still very high and dangerous. Tourists coming here for the first time might have a heartbreak when they see the elderly and children squeezing through the seemingly overloaded cable car ride.

Cáp treo làng Hongde

It is difficult, but Hongde is really a very interesting tourist destination because in addition to the mystery and wilderness. The village also owns a beautiful landscape with a harmonious combination between nature. Amidst the towering cliff by the small river, those who are passionate about the challenge will really love this village.

3. Sanduo Village – A village that floats in the water

China's floating fishing cities home to 7,000 'gypsies of the sea' |  Floating city, Floating boat, City

Sanduo Village is outside the Sanduo Sea, southeast of Fujian province. The village is a collection of floating houses, spreading hundreds of kilometers. Sanduo is China’s oldest and largest floating village. Residents in the village of about 10,000 people and they are very hospitable, promising to be a great experience when coming here.

Sanduo Village will show all visitors the aspects of real life in the sea, activities that fishermen do every day that will delight you. This village relies entirely on aquaculture.

4. Jujing Village: The roundest village

Jujing is a village with a unique architecture, typical Hui style. The village located in Jiangxi province, China was designed by the famous Feng Shui master He Pu in the early days of the Song Dynasty.

Le Plus En Rond Le Village En Chine, Village De Jujing Image stock - Image  du rond, chine: 81509933

The village also has another name as Bagua village. The area of ​​this village is entirely in a circle surrounded by a small river, mountains and surrounding highways. Looking down from the top of the mountain, visitors are truly amazed by the perfectly rounded village. In Jujing today, there are still many relics and antiques that are interesting for visitors.

5. Huangyao old town, Guangxi

Huangyao is a small village located in China’s Guangxi province. This village is the perfect choice for visitors that like fresh air, quiet, romantic space.

Huang yao Ancient town, Guangxi, China, 28th, March, 2014, – Stock  Editorial Photo © cchfoto #73473801

The ancient town of Huangyao is located on the lower section of the Li River, about 3 hours from the prosperous Guilin. This ancient town is a place that synthesizes all the quintessential beauty and seduction of all the surrounding areas but brings a very peaceful, quiet and extremely poetic look.

As soon as you step into the beginning of Huangyao town, just a few steps away, you will see Shichang Lvshe (Market Hotel). The name is so simple because this hotel is actually located in the market, where people are selling chili sauce, black bean sauce. This market also has ancient communal houses, temples, palaces, shrines or bridges, orchids … in Chinese style.

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The scenery of Huangyao town seems something quite mysterious, haunting, but also very majestic and poetic. This is a dreamland, retaining the beauty of feudal Chinese towns, an interesting place for tourists.

The quirky Chinese villages that are interesting to the tourists above, promised to be great destinations that anyone who has the opportunity to visit will be impressed!

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