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Tiny beach just like a swimming pool in Australia

by Victoria

Tiny beach in Australia is just as small as swimming pool and can accommodate 1 to 2 guests per bath. Very strange, right? This tiny beach is also favorably named a mini beach, but what makes people love and be attracted to this beach is the frame around the coast, which can conquer anyone set foot on.

Bãi biển tí hon ở Australia

Referring to the sea, everyone imagines in their mind a vast body of water, a vast sky that cannot see the shore. However, in Australia there is still a beach with an active mini area, just the size of a swimming pool, but still attracts many tourists every year.

Bãi biển tí hon ở Australia

A tiny beach in Australia is essentially a natural sea, formed by the influence of wind sand and tides, depressing a sandy area near Grennly’s mother beach, after the seawater seepage on the sand has created. The tiny waters of this beautiful never dry swimming pool version, and people just call it a mini beach, but there is no specific name for this ‘swimming pool’. And also since then, tourists, local people nearby spread each other about a tiny beach in Australia.

Bãi biển tí hon ở Australia - gần biển grennly
Near the tiny beach is the big Greenly beach

With its modest area, this tiny beach can only accommodate 1 to 2 people to bathe each time, many people jokingly say, it is not even a swimming pool. In fact, the area of ​​the beach is larger than that, but the area with enough water depth for bathing is not much, and the waves in the sea are 1 meter high on average.

Sounds a bit ‘inconvenient’ if bathing in this mini beach right? But in return, visitors are extremely excited to visit this beach because they can still surf, play with water in the clear blue water, see the bottom and check-in the panorama in this strange coast.

Bãi biển tí hon ở Australia

In addition, beside this small beach, there is still an immense Grennly beach, also a famous Australian tourist destination, surrounded by eroded rocks, the scene is exactly like in Wonderland, where The mermaid will appear. The vicinity also has an outdoor camping area, very convenient to experience, have fun to explore, too perfect to visit, right?

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