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Time to sunbath at the beaches in Langkawi – Malyasia

by Victoria

Langkawi is known as a jewel of Malaysia. Especially, this place owns long romantic and beautiful beaches, is an ideal place to catch the summer sun. However, with so many choices, making visitors wonder where to go? So this article We Travel Guides will suggest you the most beautiful beaches in Langkawi.

Datai Bay Beach

Datai Bay - Bãi biển ở Langkawi

Among the beautiful and impressive beaches in Langkawi, the Datai Bay beach is most interested. By possessing a peaceful and romantic space, it is an ideal place to relax and relieve stress. You can experience bathing in the cool blue water, placing yourself on the white sand to watch the sea and sky, … very interesting. Or you can also visit the Ibrahim Hussein museum or visit the crocodile farm nearby is also a good experience. However, Datai Bay beach is the exclusive beach of Datai Bay luxury resort, so you will have to pay fees to visit and play here.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Langkawi tourism should go? If you want an exciting summer vacation, don’t miss Tanjung Rhu beach. This beach is favored by nature, bestowed with crystal clear sea water. Above is a stretch of sand, surrounding the coast, surrounded by dense green forests. Therefore, when arriving at Tanjung Rhu, visitors will have a lot of new experiences, from playing swimming, to visiting the forest and nature scenery.

Tanjung Rhu - Bãi biển ở Langkawi

In particular, this will be a unique destination for those who want to relax and enjoy a peaceful space. Because the beach is located in a prime location, separate from the outside world, the space here is like ‘paradise’. Therefore, Tanjung Rhu is also on the list of beaches in Langkawi that are loved by many people.

Pantai Cenang Beach

There is also a tourist attraction in Langkawi that you should not miss. Coming here, visitors will be amazed at the poetic natural beauty. Blue sea, white sand, sunshine, and shady green palms.

Pantai Cenang - Bãi biển ở Langkawi

In addition, around the Pantai Cenang, there are many cheap accommodation places, and that is also what many tourists are interested in choosing this place as an entertainment place. The Pantai Cenang Sea becomes more bustling in the afternoon, when the sun starts to set, everyone goes to watch the sunset. Along with that, snack stalls, seafood stalls peddling around the beach. You can easily enjoy a variety of attractive seafood dishes, or specialties in Malaysia.

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand is not only a unique and impressive beach, but also an attractive tourist destination in Langkawi. True to its name, Black Sand owns a stretch of sand, mysterious black. This place is associated with many mysterious stories and legends about the black reason of the sandy beach such as: Stories of eagles, giant wrecks, burnt rice fields, geological wonders, … . Although this is not an ideal place to swim, Black Sand will be the right place for a tour, full of fun.

Black Sand - Bãi biển ở Langkawi

Shark Teluk Yu Bay

Which beach in Langkawi is the most beautiful and interesting? Shark Teluk Yu Bay is a name that is interested by many domestic and foreign tourists. Although the area of ​​the sea is quite small, with a length of only about 200m, it impresses visitors with the romantic sea landscape. Teluk Yu Bay is called a shark bay, not to mention the fierce fish in the deep sea, but the name is taken from shark statues placed around the beach promenade. And when you come here, in addition to the fun swimming experience, do not forget to check-in for yourself with these unique shark statues.

Teluk Yu - Bãi biển ở Langkawi

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