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This Sri Lanka’s temple is located under the giant rock

by Victoria

About 148 km east of Colombo, Dambulla, also known as the Golden Temple, is the best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. This magnificent stone temple is located at an altitude of about 160 m, with a length of 600 m. Visiting the Dambulla Temple in the island nation of Sri Lanka, you will admire the unique architecture with 5 buildings surrounded by giant natural rock.

King Vattagamini Abaya used this place as a refuge to escape from foreign invasion in the 1st century BC. One theory is that this king and his successors expanded and built the temple. On the way to the temple, as you climb the stairs, you will be greeted by wild monkeys and admire the beautiful natural surroundings. This entire Buddhist temple was built entirely in a rocky cave.

Standing here, visitors can see the giant rock of Sigiriya from a distance, over 300 meters high. It is one of the most valuable historical monuments of Sri Lanka. Entering the cave temples, you will admire the traditional murals on ceilings, walls, depicting the life of Buddha with 157 statues of different sizes and many other interesting artifacts.

Statues and paintings in the temple represent the different stages of Sinhala sculpture and painting in Sri Lanka. The five temples here are famous for the roof of the building that is a giant rock. The first temple is called Dev Raja Viharaya (temple of the gods). It is thought that Sakka (king of the gods) was here.

Maha Raja Viltaraya (Temple of the Great King) is one of the areas that attracts the most visitors for its outstanding architectural style. King Vattagamani Abhaya is said to have helped build this building. Here, you can admire brightly painted objects, in which yellow dominates.

Maha Alut Viharaya means a great new temple. This cave and Maha Raja Viltaraya are separated by a brick wall. Maha Alut Viharaya Temple has a length of about 27 m, a width of about 24 m and is protected by a rock about 10 m high. It was used as a shrine room for Kirti Sri Rajasinha, who reformed the Buddhist Church in the 18th century.

Paschima Viharaya Cave is a place to keep 10 images of Buddha. Over a long period of time, these vividly colored paintings have been preserved almost intact. Dambulla cave temple complex was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1991.

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