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These skywalks are not for the fear of heights

by Victoria

Though not for the faint of heart, these stunning places offer thrilling views of the world’s most amazing natural and man-made landscapes. From Japan to America, this list offers you the most spectacular aerial viewing skywalks on the planet.

1. The Tiefenbachkogl Footbridge, Austria

With a length of 20 m, this is a suspension bridge located at the top station of Mount Tiefenbach in Northern Tirol, Austria. From this skywalk, visitors can admire the majestic scenery at an altitude of more than 3,000 m. Background when check-in at Tiefenbachkogl skywalk is the majestic Otztal Alps with Wildspitze peak of 3,766 m high.

2. SkyPoint Climb, Australia

SkyPoint Climb is located at an altitude of 270 m in the city of Gold Coast (Australia). It offers visitors the opportunity to admire the beautiful ocean in the Gold Coast. At the top of this path to heaven, you will be able to see the full majesty and immensity of the Queensland Sea.

3. Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

Skywalk Bridge in Grand Canyon (USA) was built in 2007. This horseshoe-shaped walkway is built with transparent glass and placed at an altitude of more than 1,200 m. This is one of the destinations in the Grand Canyon. The pedestrian glass bridge is designed to withstand winds of more than 160 km / h and earthquake level 8. Although the bridge has safety information, not all visitors are brave enough to look down the cliff through clear smoothly.

4. Glacier Skywalk, Canada

Skywalk in Jasper Park (Canada) is one of the most spectacular pedestrian bridges in the world. This skywalk is located at an altitude of 280 m. Visitors will experience the feeling of walking in the middle of the sky, ice Sunwapta valley below. From the height of nearly 300 m, you will admire the majestic streams, glaciers and mountain peaks in Canada.

5. OCBC Skyway, Singapore 

Singapore’s surreal Supertree Grove is a series of man-made ‘trees’ built from concrete and steel and decorated by more than 160,000 flowers in the Gardens by the Bay nature park. This is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and there’s no more magical way to experience it than the OCBC Skyway. 22 meters high and 128 meters long, an aerial walkway connects two of Supertree Grove’s 12 trees and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding gardens and the Marina Bay skyline. Visitors who visit OCBC Skyway in the evening will see a free light and sound show called ‘Garden Rhapsody’.

6. The Olpererhütte Hike & Schlegeis Bridge, Austria

The Olpererhütte or Olperer Hut hiking is best known for one of the most viewable spots in the Zillertal Alps – a suspension bridge spanning a stream with an emerald green dam and southern peaks after. It is not a walk in the park, going from about 1,782 to 2,389 meters above sea level. That’s a 600 meter difference over a fairly short distance, meaning you’re climbing almost all the time.

7. Mishima Skywalk, Japan

Mishima Skywalk boasts Japan’s number one: Japan’s tallest mountain, Japan’s deepest bay, and Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. On a clear day, this 400 meter (1,312 ft) long bridge offers stunning views of Mount Fuji (3,776 meters / 12,388 ft) northwest and Suruga Bay (depth 2,500 meters / 8,200 ft) to the South West.

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