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These drinks attract tourists when coming to Denmark

by Victoria

In Denmark besides the delicious food, the drinks here are also very interested. However, if you are here for the first time, you must still be wondering what to eat and drink? So this article will suggest the best drinks in Denmark to try.

Smorgasbord Eggnog

If you want to explore the quintessence of drinks in Denmark, you definitely cannot miss Smorgasbord Eggnog. This is a drink that many people love, it is the perfect combination of ice cream, custard sugar, and a little brandy or rum. If you want an alcohol-free Smorgasbord Eggnog you can ask for no alcohol added. When enjoyed, they often add spices, nutmeg to enhance the flavor of Smorgasbord Eggnog. For this drink, people often use it mainly during Christmas.\

Smorgasbord Eggnog - Các loại đồ uống ở Đan Mạch nổi tiếng

Punsch – Delicious, attractive drink

As a follower of alcoholic beverages in Denmark, no one is unaware of Punsch country. It is cooked according to the recipe of alcohol, using the main ingredients from: Rice, sugarcane, sugar, … with a fairly strong neutral concentration, equivalent to Brennivin. The most attractive feature of this Punsch wine, perhaps because of its delicious taste and aroma of fruits, so Punsch received the attention of many diners. Previously, this Punsch wine was sold mainly in Sweden, but with its appeal, Punsch became a popular Danish drink.

Punsch - Các loại đồ uống ở Đan Mạch được yêu thích nhất

Beer Tuborg – A popular and cheap beer

What to drink when coming to Denmark? Another option when you want to search for drinks in Denmark is Tuborg beer. This beer was produced in the 1970s, and was enthusiastically supported by many people right after its release. While Tuborg is not the best, most famous beer in Denmark, every Christmas it becomes the best-selling drink. That’s because on this occasion, Tuborg brewery has a separate production of Christmas beer, so thousands of people look forward to it.

Bia Tuborg - Các loại đồ uống ở Đan Mạch

Glogg – The most unique Danish drink

With so many great options, Glogg remains the most popular drink in Denmark. This type of water is made from wine, they are heated with special spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, … bringing a unique taste, making everyone curious to try. It is known that this Glogg wine originated from the ancient Rome people, they were used in cold weather very appropriately. And later it became the popular drink here.

Glogg - Các loại đồ uống ở Đan Mạch

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