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There are extremely luxurious golden dishes in Dubai

by Victoria

“Gold is synonymous with luxury, something with a level of luxury,” is the concept of many Dubai people. Therefore, not only wearing gold or inlaid with gold on the cars, using gold to decorate the house, but in Dubai people use gold to eat. The following gold-covered dishes in Dubai are a testament to the level of “gold craziness” and extreme wealth of this Middle Eastern country.

1. Black Diamond Ice Cream

Just hearing the name makes you feel the luxury of this dish. This is an ice cream made from premium ingredients such as Madagascar’s vanilla bean ice cream, Italian Trufle vinegar, Iran’s saffron. In particular, people use a layer of pure 23k gold leaf sprinkled over the top of the ice cream cup.

Because of using such luxurious ingredients, the Black Diamond ice cream dish also has a sky-high price of $ 816 / cup. However, this is one of the gold-covered dishes in Dubai that many people love. To enjoy this dish you can go to Scoopi Cafe restaurant in downtown Dubai

Kem kim cương là một trong những món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai nổi tiếng

2. Golden Cupcake

This is the dish of the famous pastry firm Bloomsbury in Dubai. This sumptuous dish is made from extremely expensive ingredients: organic flour Dove, Premium Amedei Porcelena from Italy, Gold Ugandan vanilla, British Rachels butter, strawberry and the most special ingredient is 23 carats. yellow leaves are edible.

Bánh cupcake vàng cũng là món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai rất hấp dẫn

Not only the cake is made from premium ingredients, but even the plate for the cake is also a plate made of 24k Empire Morning Cake Stand gold and the spoon to eat the cake is also from pure gold decorated with chocolate. This gold-covered dish in Dubai, called Golden Phoenix, is served at Bloomsbury’s cafe in The Dubai Mall. The price of this cake is 28,000 USD and also the most expensive Cupcake in the world.

3. Chocolate covered with gold

The chocolate covered with gold outside, is also one of the famous Dubai gilded dishes. Ingredients to make chocolate are also premium ingredients, the value of this snack lies in the gold layer covering the outside of the candies.

socola là món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai được ưa chuộng

People often sell this chocolate covered with gold in small bags, each bag costs up to 10,000 USD, an unbelievable price for a dish to play. However, the super-rich in Dubai proved to be very interested in this candy and often bought them as gifts. Traveling in Dubai, if you also want to taste these special chocolates, you can visit Bloomsbury’s restaurant.

4. Royal Pizza

The Royal Pizza in Dubai is famous for being made from the most precious and expensive ingredients in the world including Japanese Matsutake mushroom, Truffle mushroom from Alba, Almas caviar from Iran and 60 grams of gold sprinkled on top. side of the cake. This dish is exclusively made for the Royal Dubai to enjoy. Its conversion price will make you dizzy, because the real value of this dish is up to more than 200,000 USD and deserves to be the most expensive gold-covered dish in Dubai.

bánh pizza hoàng gia món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai đắt nhất

5. Burger Khalifa

This dish is known as the king of burgers because of its extremely valuable ingredients and value. This cake is made from super premium ingredients including lobster tail, golden egg, Truffle mushroom, Japanese Wagyu beef. The shell of this burger is also covered with a layer of sparkling 24k gold. The price of this cake is 136 USD per piece. This is a gold-covered dish in Dubai with the most budget-friendly price for travelers today.

món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai rẻ nhất là Burger Khalifa

6. Cocktail 27.321

A special Cocktail further enriches the Dubai gilded cuisine. It is made up of 55 years old malt, combined with handcrafted passion fruit sugar, ice cubes from Scottish Macallan factory and herbal wine. In particular, this Dubai-covered drink is served in a 18k gold cup mixed with oak, so the value is even further promoted.

cocktaik 27.321 cũng là món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai hấp dẫn

To enjoy this special cocktail, you need to pay up to 7,438 USD. This special cocktail is a product of the Burj Al Arab hotel, which is named after the number of floors that the hotel serves is 27 and the height of the hotel is 321m.

7. Coffee covered with gold

Not the other most talked about gold-covered dish in Dubai, but the popular name is the coffee “The Ultimate Gold Cappuccino” of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. This coffee cup costs about 26 USD a price that is not out of the reach of many people. This coffee dish is made from Espresso coffee and covered with thin golden Italian leaves. This drink is served with marshmallow topped with smooth chocolate. To enjoy this coffee, customers need to book a day in advance for the cafe to prepare.

Các món ăn phủ vàng ở Dubai hấp dẫn

Discovering the gilded delicacies in Dubai will be a very interesting experience, but the only condition you need to satisfy is having a lot of money. If mentioning the most luxurious cuisine, the golden dishes in Dubai are enough to bring this country to become a powerhouse in enjoying gold in the world.

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