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The village in Portugal is known as the nest of the eagle

by Victoria

Located near the Spanish border, on a 843 m high rocky mountain, Marvao is a village in Portalegre province. Step through the stone gate, visitors will admire the peaceful land with houses and main white walls. The village is also known as the “nest of the eagle”. Located on a lonely cliff, Marvao is like a little-known gem of Portugal.

The name is due to the shape of the village as seen from the Marvao Castle, the highest point here. The castle is located on the farthest hill of the village. This place was built with the original purpose of being a fortress. Go to the castle, visitors will admire the sweeping land like a giant bird’s nest.

The village was named by Ibn Marwan in the 8th century. He reinforced the walls and built the castle. The first impression when coming here is the solid wall system that surrounds the village. Despite its high position, fresh water is still in abundance. People in the village often use it for sharing at public water taps.

The village has attracted the attention of tourists in recent years because of its unique architecture and beautiful scenery. It is also included in the New York Times bestseller – “1000 Places to See Before You Die”. On an area of ​​154.9 km2, the village is home to more than 3,500 people.

The village is home to the annual international classical music festival under the artistic direction of German conductor Christoph Poppen or the International Film Festival Periferias every August.

The big chestnut festival attracts visitors in early November. Come here at this time, you will enjoy many specialties made from chestnuts. The houses were lined up on a narrow road like a maze. Visitors to the village often go for a walk to feel the ancient beauty of this place.

In addition to castles, museums, and churches is also a tourist destination for those who want to learn the history of the village. The village’s only museum is home to many antiques excavated from ancient times. Coming to Santa Maria Church, you will admire the beautiful Azuregio walls.

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