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The Ultimate Vietnam Food Tour

by We Travel Guides
ramen on bowl

A Vietnamese food immersive experience, where you’ll taste authentic regional varieties of Vietnamese food, explore the backstreets of Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh , go on a biker by Grab bike, and support local communities along the way.

Get ready to eat your way through Vietnam on our thrilling Ultimate Vietnamese Food Tour!

Ha noi

Hanoi street food is for real and is something you must eat in Hanoi Vietnam. This is a city that takes the phrase “street food” seriously – food is literally everywhere. Each block has dozens of cafes, with diners spilling on to sidewalks littered with tiny plastic chairs representing every primary color of the rainbow and similarly sized tables.

Day or night, a stroll easily becomes a Hanoi street food tour. During the day, Old Quarter Hanoi street vendors sell fruit and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves

It’s nighttime though when these streets really come alive with the kinds of food that Hanoi residents love most including our personal favorite – meat on a stick

You do not have to worry about being hungry during your visit. Long story short – there’s lots of great street food to eat in Hanoi with or without a Hanoi street food guide.

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