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The strange dishes in India that can make foreigners “out of breath”

by Chloe

In addition to naan and goat curry, India also has specialties that whenever you hear the name, you might refuse to eat. Are you curious what are they? Here is the list for you

1. Baby Shark Curry

10 Weird Foods Eaten In India Slide 6, ifairer.com

“Baby Shark” is a famous song for children but in India it is a rare and expensive curry made from the meat of little sharks. If you are too familiar with chicken curry, goat curry, you should definitely change your taste with this luxurious curry.

2. Bhang Pakore

Bhang ke Pakore Recipe : Delicious Bhang Pakora for Holi – DesiDakaar

Pakore is a basic fried appetizer on the Indian table but it seems that they don’t feel like they have enough, so they add marijuana leaves to spice up Bhang Pakore. This is a favorite dish of the local people during Holi Spring Festival and Shivratri.

3. Lamb’s Brain

Fried Lambs' Brains – Eat, Little Bird
Deep fried lamb brains

If Vietnam has pig brains, in the Muslim country, people prefer sheep brains. You can enjoy soup or fried brains at restaurants in Hyderabad and Lucknow. Lamb usually has unique smell so not everyone likes it. So what about lamb brains? Is it soft in the mouth and as nutritious as the mugwort? Just try out and then decide your experience.

4. Phan Pyut – Rotten potatoes

Cả gia đình chết tức tưởi chỉ vì mấy củ khoai tây hỏng

China has rotten tofu, Vietnam has rotten crab vermicelli and in India, they have rotten potatoes. Potatoes are kept in the ground until they are rotten and then seasoned. This dish is quite popular and it is a favorite dish of a lot of people, especially in the East India region.

5. Red Ant Chutney

Red Ant Chutney in Chhattisgarh, India - Travelwhistle

Everyone knows but chili sauce made from red ants, few people dare to try. After the ants were caught, they were sent to the kitchen to be crushed in a pestle and mortar with chili, ginger, and salt. So we have a paste mixture called red ant chili sauce. Local tribes loved this chili sauce. It is said to has a rich flavor and healthy taste because the red ant’s body contains high levels of formic acid.

6. Benami Kheer

5 unusual and bizarre Indian vegetarian food - Yummy Recipes

Kheer is a favorite dessert pudding in India but this Benami Kheer has garlic as its main ingredient. Crushed garlic that is cooked for many hours in milk brings an attractive flavor that only a few of us can feel. If you don’t mind the bad smell that garlics bring to you, then try it!

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