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The reasons why Prague is considered as the heart of Europe

by Victoria

The Czech Republic is a country located in Europe and is a landlocked country. However, not so that the Czech tourism industry does not develop. This small Eastern European country has always been an attractive tourist destination for international tourists. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Czech Republic is the capital city of Prague. If you are going to reward yourself with a trip to Prague, quickly note the travel experiences that we are about to share below.

When should you travel to Prague?

Summer in Prague will last from June to August every year. At this time, the weather is quite hot, the temperature is high, so the number of tourists flocking to Prague at this time also increases dramatically. That will also increase the cost of eating, sleeping, and sightseeing in Prague. So, according to Prague tourism experience, you should avoid going to Prague at this time. The most ideal time to travel to Prague is around April and May every year.

Winter is also an ideal time to travel to Prague. Winter will be between September and October. Prague is also an ideal place to welcome Christmas because at this time, the city will be splendidly decorated, like a wonderland.

Transportation in Prague

Prague is one of the most developed cities in Europe, so the transportation system is very convenient.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can take bus number 199 to reach the hotel or famous entertainment places in Prague. However, the most used vehicle in Prague is the subway. You can buy train tickets at many airport ticketing counters. The subway system in Prague is said to be super good, the price is very reasonable, so you can be completely assured when traveling by this means.

Top 5 experiences you don’ t want to be missed when traveling to Prague

1. Visit the complex of Prague Castle and St. Vitus Church

Located on the left bank of the Vltava River, Prague Castle is currently the largest ancient castle complex in the world with a length of 570m and a width of 128m.

Inside the castle complex of St. Vitus’ church was built in the fourteenth century in the style of Gothic architecture typical of the major churches in Europe.

Tips for you: To tour inside the area, you can buy the Circuit B ticket – the most popular ticket type – for 250 CZK (about 9.5 €). Circuit B allows you to visit St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and Golden Lane.

2. Walk on Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of 17 bridges spanning the Vltava River, the section that runs through the capital Prague. The bridge was built by King Charles IV in 1357 with the original name of Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge. In 1870 the bridge was renamed the Charles Bridge.

As you walk along the bridge, you will see a bronze plaque engraved with St. John of Nepomuk. Legend has it that he was thrown by the king into the Vltava River when he refused to reveal the queen’s confessions to the king. The bronze plaque was placed where he was thrown into the river. It is said that if you touch the cross and make a wish, your wish will come true!

3. “Watch the time” with the Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock is one of the most famous sights in Prague. The watch was installed in 1410, remodeled in 1490 and is now one of the oldest and most elaborate watches in the world still in operation. Every day from 9 am to 9 pm, you will be able to witness the impressive performance of this watch with your own eyes.

First the dry skeleton representing the Lord of Death will ring the first bells, followed by the 12 apostles of God going around from the left window to the right one. Finally, the rooster in the middle of the clock will crow before the tower bell rings.

4. Admire the architecture in the city

If you love architecture, Prague is the city for you. Each street corner gives you the visualization of different architectural schools.Right near the Astronomical Clock is a Renaissance-style house called “At the Minute” with black and white decorative patterns on the facade. This is also the childhood home of Franz Kafka.

In Wenceslas Square, you should look to the Grand Hotel Europa – one of the oldest hotels in Prague, built in 1872. The hotel facade is a prime example of the Art Nouveau style.

In addition, the art of drawing graffiti is also very popular on the facade of the houses around the old town.

5. Stroll in the fortress of Vyšehrad

If you do not like the crowds in Prague castle, visit Vyšehrad fortress. Very few tourists find this place, simply because it is quite far from the center, and because there are no splendid castles or towering mosques. However, Vyšehrad is the place where you can find tranquility after busy days in the city.

If these suggestions are not convincing enough, consider Andy’s Prague tour below

“Hi, I’m Andy from Hong Kong. I’m a“ social” traveler that regularly visits a few countries a year. My favorite places are mostly located in Europe & some of them in South East Asia. I like to travel alone or just with one best friend. Most of the time I won’t join any tour but explore the local surroundings. The famous and hot tourist places are not my first choice and I like to stay in quiet places for a few days during the tour”. Check out some of his footages in Prague in this video


The Prague Tour by Andy:

I did not fly to Prague directly from Hong Kong. It’s one of my stops during my Europe trip while I was in Berlin, Germany.

I was travelling with the Czech Railways which is not really good. The cabin was overcrowding and hot without air circulation. However, the ticket price is really cheap and suitable for budget travelers. It takes around 5.5 hours to reach the Prague central station.

 It’s very convenient in the town center with many choices of buses, trams & metro. The “Paternoster” (Lift) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternoster_lift) are located in the old Prague City Hall. It’s funny and needs your encouragement to step in at the first time.

Prague Zoo – One of the biggest zoos in the world. It’s a very big zoo with lots of animals while the entry price is so cheap when compared with other zoos in the world. It can only be reached by buses and I suggest you could go there early in the morning. Since it has a big area, you better enter with a zoo map or otherwise you must get lost. Also recommend to go with children as some animals are unlocked, and could walk around by themselves in the zoo area.

Petrin Hill is a hill located in the town center. I only recommend you go there if you would like to watch the whole Prague city center. It’s very crowded most of the time and nothing much special sightseeing spots on the hill.

Vltava – a very relaxing place that you can chill yourself by having some wine / coffee. Watch people playing in the river and you can spend the whole day there.

Kingdom of Railways – A super big place for train models. If you are a train model fan, you shouldn’t miss it as it is located in the town center but very few people go.

Food – Highly recommend Roast Duck. It’s the only delicious traditional food in Prague.

Drink – Local beer is good too.

Shopping – Almost all the things are cheaper than other European countries.

Thanks Andy for writing about this experience at Prague with us. If you’re excited after watching Andy’s video, subscribe to his youtube channel and give him a thumbs up. And don’t forget to share your trips via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook / Twitter.

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