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The reason to travel to Nepal at least once in your life

by Victoria

Nepal is a small country, but its attraction is not small at all. This place owns a beautiful, romantic natural landscape, majestic high mountains, is a great place for tourists to explore. And here are the reasons to travel to Nepal at least once in your life you should know.

The land is famous for its serenity

Peace is probably the first reason that many people consider Nepal. Although it is a tourist attraction, but the natural landscape here has not been affected too much by human hands, so Nepal still retains its inherent pristine beauty. Many people say that living in Nepal is a peaceful life, helping to get rid of the pressures and stresses of life, where you can slow down and enjoy life.

Không gian yên bình - Lý do nên đi du lịch Nepal

Explore diverse cultures

What is the reason to travel to Nepal? According to Nepal tourism experience known, this country has over 35 ethnic groups and about 92 different languages. Therefore, the communication culture, religion, music or cuisine in Nepal has a variety and originality. Coming to this mysterious land, you will be immersed in extremely interesting cultures, learn new things, stimulate curiosity, attract the attention of more travelers. In particular, this is also the only country in the world, still retaining the custom of worshiping the living goddess Kumari.

Nên văn hóa da dạng - Lý do nên đi du lịch Nepal

Delicious food

It is known that Nepali cuisine is quite influenced by the cuisine of South Asia, especially China and India. However, this land still brings its own unique flavors that can not be found anywhere else. The dishes here, using popular ingredients such as beans, lean meats, tomatoes, potatoes, yogurt, garlic, dill, … but in a way, the people of Nepal create the food is delicious, attractive to believe. Perhaps that has become the reason to travel to Nepal.

Nền ẩm thực hấp dẫn - Lý do nên đi du lịch Nepal

Owning many world heritage

What is interesting about Nepal tourism? Besides the natural beauty and majestic mountains, Nepal also owns a lot of ancient temples and has many places recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Therefore, exploring Nepal, visitors will be expanded with more knowledge and have more interesting experiences. And when coming to the world heritage, do not forget to take photos to leave great memories on the trip.

Sở hữu nhiều di sản thế giới - Lý do nên đi du lịch Nepal

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