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The stinkiest cheeses in the world

by Chloe

1. Pont l’Eveque

This cheese is originated from French and become one of the stinkiest cheeses in the world. In French, this smelly cheese is the oldest known delicacy which was dated back to the 13th century. Like the history of it, it smells has the old vibe, a foul aroma, a bit like horse or dog droppings. Pont l’Eveque need to be kept wrapped-up in the fridge unless you want everything else smelling like it.

2. Camembert

This iconic cheese originated in the northern French region of Normandy, where it has been made for centuries since 1791. Differ from the smells of Pont l’Eveque, it has the rich chemicals aroma includes ammonia, sodium chloride, and succinic acid, Camembert de Normandy smells like the secret project of a chemical company. Made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and left to mature for 3 weeks, Camembert is a soft, runny cheese normally eaten with a spoon.

3. Muenster / Munster

You can call this cheese Muenster or Munster, it is also and often called “Monster Cheese” because of its unbearable odor. It comes from the French region of Alsace where it’s produced from raw cow’s milk and left to mature in damp cellars. Its rind is washed regularly with salted water.

4. Epoisses

Epoisses is one of Napoleon’s favorites which is definitely one of the smelliest cheeses you can find. According to its repulsive odor, this stinky cheese has been banned from public transportation vehicles all over France. With the most simple ingredient – raw cow’s milk, its rind is washed with pomace brandy.

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