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The mystery of ”labor-inducing” burger at Minnesota, USA

by Victoria

Pregnant diners in the state of Minnesota are flocking to the Suburban restaurant in Excelsior city to enjoy a famous burger called Labor Inducer, according to Odd. People hope that when eating this cake, they will labor and give birth easier.

The story of the Labor Inducer burger started in popularity in April 2019 when Enrique, the head chef at the restaurant, experimented with burger recipes for the annual Twin Cities Burger Battle. The restaurant’s co-owner, Kelsey Quarberg, had only nine days left until the due date. When she ordered a full burger to eat, 7 hours after labor and gave birth to a beautiful baby. But that’s just the beginning …

Enrique made a burger just like the one Kelsey ate to participate in the Twin Cities Burger Battle baking competition and won the third place final. The cake from there also appeared on the restaurant’s fixed menu. Many people came to eat after hearing the interesting story of its birth. But last summer, another pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl after a few hours of eating this cake that it started to become famous.

Since September 2019, when the news of eating Labor Inducer burgers making it easier for women to give birth has spread widely, pregnant pregnant women flocked here. The owner said one in three pregnant women ordered this dish. Up to now, there is no further record that after eating this cake, pregnant women go into labor quickly and give birth. But the owner believes that, it still happens, the customers just don’t report it to the restaurant. “So we keep waiting,” Ashley said.

And in the end, Ashley was right. A review post on the restaurant Facebook on October 23 indicated that at least 23 childbirths were related to after eating cake. So if you’re pregnant and want your birth to be easy, you can come here to order a burger.

However, many believe that this is just a “miracle” act to bring good luck, but there is no real evidence that just by eating the Labor Inducer it is possible to give birth immediately.

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