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The most unique and impressive features in Hungarian culture

by Victoria

Hungary is a country in Central Europe, located adjacent to Austria to the west. It is bordered by Slovakia to the North, to the East by Ukraine and Romania, to the South by Serbia and Croatia. Most of the country’s terrain is plain, mountainous areas concentrated mainly in the west of the Danube River. Hungary tourism increasingly attracts tourists with beautiful sightseeing places, unique architectures and diverse cuisine.

Get to know about the unique Hungarian culture

The best place to learn Hungarian culture is the galleries. Including the National Gallery of Hungary, visiting this place visitors will admire the collections of public art, along with the ethnographic museum, the National Museum of Hungary, the museum of Fine Arts.

văn hóa Hungary - địa điểm tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary

The Hungarian country’s culture is also reflected through works with unique architecture such as National Assembly Building, Liberty Bridge, St. Church. Stephen’s, Bory Castle, Budapest subway station, Lion Bridge, … Visitors can go to Budapest to admire the magnificent and splendid Roman mansions.

văn hóa Hungary - tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary qua kiến trúc độc đáo

Hungary’s theater and cinema culture is reflected in famous Hollywood movies around the world. The content of these movies mainly revolves around everyday life issues. Usually the Hungarian blockbuster movies are in theaters from September to May next year, visitors who want to enjoy can book tickets early.

văn hóa Hungary - tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary qua múa bale

Classical ballet and contemporary dance are also unique Hungarian cultural features that many visitors love to learn. Among them are famous performances by leading Hungarian ballet dancers such as Pécsi Ballet (Pécs ballet), Győri Balett (Győr Ballet) or Yvette Bozsik.

văn hóa Hungary - tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary qua điệu múa

Visitors should go to the Opera House in Hungary to enjoy a lot of top performances. If you want to learn about Hungarian culture in the past, the cultural community center and Dance House is the ideal place that you should not miss.

In addition, the dance house movement in Hungary dating back to the 1970s to preserve traditional dances and folk music are also interesting things that you should not miss when coming to Hungary.

Explore Hungarian culture through festivals

Discovering the best Hungarian culture must include traditional festivals such as:

  • Busójárás Monster Festival: This is one of the traditional festivals in Hungary held in February every year, in the town of Mohác. On festival days women will dress as Ottomans and dance traditionally around the street. The rest of the people will wear monster-shaped outfits, with horns on either side wandering the streets.
văn hóa Hungary - tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary qua lễ hội quái vật

Monster Festival is meant to ward off demons and honor the good life. Activities at the festival to simulate the struggle of villagers before Turkey. The festival is held for 7 days and usually ends before Ash.

  • Mud Festival: This festival is held annually in Somogy Babod village in Hungary. Mud Festival is held with many exciting activities to bring memorable moments of relaxation. The festival is meant to eliminate the bad things in life, everyone together happily playing in the mud. The mud festival attracts a large number of locals and visitors with many exciting activities.
  • Night bathing festival: This is the most special festival in Hungary, with more than 100 natural hot springs and more than 20 hot baths. On festival days, people flock to Szechenyi to relax and enjoy life.
Văn hóa Hungary - lễ hội tắm đêm
  • Food festival in Vajdahunyad citadel: Learn Hungarian culture, you can also discover the culinary festival in Vajdahunyad city also known as Mangalica festival. The festival is held in Vajdahunyad citadel and takes place over 3 days. Vajdahunyad Citadel is a tourist attraction in Hungary, located close to Hung Hung Square. During festival days, visitors can choose from premium Hungarian ceramics or products made from pork.
văn hóa Hungary - tìm hiểu văn hóa Hungary qua lễ hội ẩm thực

That is all the best features of Hungarian culture, hoping to help you better understand the country as well as the people here. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Hungary, you should once join the special festivals above to learn and experience together.

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