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The most Thai exotic foods

by We Travel Guides
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Food in Thailand isn’t just about tom yum and seafood, check out some of the weird and bizarre Thai food that you must try at least once!

1. Larb Leuat Neua (Raw Beef with Uncooked Blood)

Larb Leuat Neua has long been considered as one of the most favorite beer accompanying snack of local people in Thailand. This dish consists of thin sliced beef mixed with a sprinkling of mint leaves and then poured some fresh beef blood on the top.

2. Mok Huak (Developing Tadpoles)

At first glance eating a plate of developing tadpoles might not scare off the seasoned exotic food hunter. After all, they’re shaped somewhat like a small fish. Except that some of them might have started growing legs and feet.

But then the smell hits you. And boy does it hit hard. The dish is coated with a generous serving of fermented fish sauce, and any determination you had 10 seconds ago to conquer this dish just went right out the window. Instead you’d be thinking to yourself, “why do I put myself through this?”

3. Goong Ten (Dancing Shrimp)

If I referred to something as “dancing shrimp”, what would you think I’m talking about? A club perhaps? Or maybe a local fast-food joint which attempted to have a memorable name? Well in Bangkok, its none of the above.

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