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The most exotic food in British meals

by Chloe

If the famous foods in British sounds to familiar to your usual taste, here a list for you to try the most extraordinary ones.

1. Haggis

haggis | Definition, Origin, & Facts | Britannica

Basically, Haggis is quite similar to sausage. However, the process to make Haggis sounds more different. Haggis is a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs with oatmeal and onions. This Scottish dish was traditionally cooked in the animal’s stomach, but, it changes a little now. These days, it’s made in sausage casing. Fans of the “delicacy” dishes say it tastes like a peppery meatloaf.

2. Spotted Dick

Spotted dick recipe: how to make the classic British pudding

Don’t let the dish appearance trick you! It looks ordinary, however, the absolutely wretched name notwithstanding, this is a popular dish of sponge pudding made with suet and dried fruit, and served with custard. The Spotted Dick smells like a bran muffin, and tastes like one too, with nice spices.

3. Black pudding

Traditional Scottish Black Pudding | Grants of Speyside

When you think about a pudding, it seems something sweet like a dessert. Actually black pudding is a blood sausage that was born out of the tradition of butchers combining every last scrap of different butchered animals to make food. Inspite of its humble beginnings, it is a breakfast staple in the UK and Ireland, where it is served with toast. Whenever you enjoy this dish, just pretend like you’re having a family of vampires over for brunch.

4. Jellied eels

Jellied eels : shittyfoodporn

Eels in a dessert texture – jelly sounds weird to people who are not native, but in the opposite, it is a favorite dish among Londoners and we can know the reason why the dish isn’t very popular outside of the UK.

Served either hot or cold, making jellied eels, first, we need to boil chopped eels in water and vinegar then adding lemon, nutmeg and other spices to make a fish stock. When the stewing liquid becomes solid, it will form a jelly-like substance when cooled.

5. Marmite

Anglo-Kitchen Taste Test: What Does Marmite Taste Like? | Anglophenia | BBC  America

A salty paste made from brewers’ yeast extract that’s usually spread on toast. Brits either love it or hate it. It has a has a very distinctive flavor. Marmite’s taste is so unique as hard to defy description, but think about a yeasty, salty, soy sauce flavor with the consistency of old engine oil. Marmite has a savoury spread that it is even banned in Denmark due to the nutritions it contains.

6. Laverbread

Buy Frozen Laver & Seaweed Online | Laverbread | The Fish Society

First impression is a stickiness and lumpy texture, laverbread is considered a Welsh delicacy and is made from edible seaweed that has been boiled for several hours before being minced and puréed. At the first bites, you can smell the sea scent, then, the cold, salty in flavor and soft in the texture.

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