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The glowing bridge in the middle of an Indonesian forest

by Victoria

Orchid Forest Cikole in Lembang, West Java, a forest with the most orchids in Indonesia with more than 20,000 different species. This is an attractive destination not only for Indonesians but also foreign tourists. However, the highlight of the forest is the Wood Bridge, launched in late 2018, and this wooden bridge is now lit up every night, creating the feeling of a “glowing” bridge in the middle of the forest.

The bridge is made mainly of wood and wire, 125 m long, winding around the tree trunks to create soft wavy lines to guide visitors to move. During the day, visitors can watch rare orchids usually only available in Indonesia, Brazil, Peru … in this forest. At night, the “garden of light” – the lit bridge shows the way to visitors and creates a magical scene like a light show.

The representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Arief Yahya, said that this bridge was carefully designed and built to combine while preserving the landscape. He is especially proud to mention the beautiful scenery that visitors will see while walking on the bridge and will definitely be an attraction for young people to take pictures and introduce on social networks.

The bridge has a scenic corner for visitors both day and night. Many sections of the bridge are up to 23 m high, from which visitors can see the whole forest.

In addition to the “glowing” bridge and more than 20,000 species of orchids, the Orchid Forest Cikole also has a campsite for visitors to rest, organize picnics, adventure games like zipline swings, walking paths for visitors who like trekking, teahouse, coffee shop, small eatery, outdoor stage.

Visitors can come here to visit and picnic from 9:00 – 18:00 on weekdays, 8:00 – 19:00 on weekends. Entrance fee is 100,000 Rp / person (nearly 7 USD). Depending on the outside activities that visitors choose, you will need to pay an additional ticket fee of about 15,000 – 20,000 Rp / person (1 – 1.3 USD) such as going to the Wood Bridge, playing rope swing …

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