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The giant head stone statues in the world

by Victoria

With their breathtaking uniqueness, the head-shaped stone statues attract tourists to explore the lands where they are located. These super large head figures were created in different eras. Some are mysterious and have unexplained stories behind them. Some are large-scale monuments commemorating figures of influence.

1. Statue of Moai on Easter Island (Chile)

For a long time, the large-sized moai has become famous in the world and is the reason why tourists come to Easter Island, one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.

– Time of birth: From about 1250 to 1500.

– Location: Nearly half of the 887 moai stone statues are located in the Rana Raraku quarry. The rest are scattered throughout the island.

– Builders: Rapa Nui people, the first resident on the island.

– Reason created: Scholars claim that the moai was created to honor ancestors, patriarchs or important people.

– Size: The largest Moai, called Paro, is nearly 10 meters high and weighs 82 tons.

2. Archaeological Site of Mount Nemrut (Turkey)

Located on Mount Nemrut in Turkey, the series of head statues represent various Greek, Armenian and Iranian gods.

Time of birth: Years 69-34 BC.

– Location: The summit of Mount Nemrut is 2,134 meters high in southeastern Turkey.

– Builders: Ancient Greek king Antiochos I of the Commagene kingdom.

– Reason created: This area is also the ancient tomb of King Antiochos Nemrut Dag. The king chose high mountains as his burial place with the desire to stand in the same ranks with the gods. The stone heads are part of the temple of great kings, including him.

– Size: The heads were once part of statues 8-9 m tall.

3. Olmec stone heads (Mexico)

Olmec was Mexico’s first major civilization. Olmecs believe that the head alone contains the emotions, experiences and souls of an individual.

– Time of birth: Between 1200 and 400 BC.

– Location: San Lorenzo and La Venta on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico.

– Builders: Residents of the Olmec civilization.

– Reason created: Olmec people make statues to honor kings and rulers. Archaeologists found signs that the heads had been moved around for use in various rituals.

– Size: The statue is 3 m high, 4.5 m in circumference and weighs about 8 tons

4. Head statue of Albert Einstein (Panama)

Albert Einstein has no direct affiliation with Panama or a specific neighborhood in Panama City. However, the locals built a giant head in his honor.

– Time of birth: Mid 1960s.

– Location: In El Cangrejo, a neighborhood of Panama City.

– Builders: The Jewish community moved to the area in the 1950s.

– Reason created: When asked about the cause of the statue’s construction, the local people replied: “Einstein is a smart man, so his head statue is much more meaningful than his elbow” .

– Size: Height 3 m, width 3 m.

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