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The experiences in the Swedish city of Malmo are full of fun

by Victoria

Malmo is not only the third most populous city in Sweden, just behind Stockholm or Gothenburg, but it also has ancient beauty, tranquility and a tourist destination that many people are interested in. However, for a memorable journey, do not miss out on the exciting Malmo city experiences below.

Cycling in the city

Dubbed the city of bicycles, so coming to Malmo that you do not experience cycling here is a big mistake. Coming to Malmo, you will find that the number of cyclists here is very crowded, so you can easily feel the fresh, peaceful space, without the sound of the engine. You can rent a bike anywhere in the city, then choose romantic paths for walking such as: Park, cycling around the beach, or to the suburbs,…. This will be an experience in Malmo city that will bring you a lot of emotions and memories.

Đạp xe dạo quanh thành phố - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Discover Malmo’s cuisine

Food discovery is also an interesting experience in Malmo city that should not be missed. The dishes here are similar to the specialties in Sweden, but there are many other choices, local, street food, with distinct flavors.

Khám phá ẩm thực tại Malmo - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

This city is also known as the ‘paradise’ for the gourmet world. Because here are lucky to own 4 Michelin-star restaurants, you can consider the time to visit. Typically as:

Bloom in the Park Restaurant – Restaurant without menu: Perhaps this is the most interesting restaurant. As its name suggests ‘restaurant without menu’. Because your job is to come and relax. The chefs will depend on your mood and diet, to create delicious dishes that best suit your feelings, so that you can enjoy the full taste.

Khám phá ẩm thực tại nhà hàng Bloom in the Park - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Vollmers Restaurant – 2 Michelin Star Restaurant: If you want to enjoy the best food in Malmo city, go to Vollmers restaurant. The dishes here are made from simple ingredients that are popular in the locality, but through the hand-processed hands of the Vollmers chefs, they deliver the ultimate taste, a standard Skane cuisine. And that is also the reason why this place has reached 2 Michelin stars.

Khám phá ẩm thực tại nhà hàng Vollmers - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Sture restaurant – French flavor restaurant: Experience in Malmo city next in the culinary journey, it is Sture restaurant. This place is for devotees to taste French cuisine. You will be seated in a luxurious and cozy space, enjoying famous French dishes and sipping fine wine glasses.

Khám phá ẩm thực tại nhà hàng Sture - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Experience the festivals

Similar to other cities, there are many festivals in Malmo during the year. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the life of the people of Malmo and learn about the beauty, customs and customs of this place. And in Malmo there are 2 biggest and most interesting festivals that you should take your time to experience:

Malmo Festival: Is a big festival, held in August every year and takes place during a week. Here you will visit food stalls, fairs, flower markets, vibrant concerts. Besides, at the festival also invite many famous domestic and foreign artists too. This will be an experience in Malmo city that brings a lot of emotions to visitors.

Festival Sommarscen Malmo: A festival in Sweden, vibrant, bustling, with interesting outdoor art performances. The festival is held in the first 2 months of summer and this is also the peak tourist season in Sweden, so the number of visitors is very large. Coming here, you can easily see that free singing and dancing programs are everywhere, from parks, shopping centers, city centers, …

Lễ hội Sommarscen Malmo - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Discover famous tourist attractions in Malmo

It is a peaceful city, possessing many famous landmarks. However, if you have not been to Malmo before, choosing a stop is very difficult. And for the best Malmo city experiences you should not miss:

Malmo Live Hotel: Not only a high-end hotel, a famous accommodation of the city, but also a place where special arts and dance shows regularly take place. Along with that, inside the hotel there is a system of restaurants, conference areas and especially the Sky Bar – A place for young people who love vibrant music. You will be sitting in a beautiful, luxurious space, sipping cocktails and watching the beautiful night sky.

Tham quan khách sạn Malmo Live - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Visiting Malmo Konsthall Art Museum: Known as Europe’s largest contemporary art gallery, so Malmo Konsthall always attracts the attention and attention of many domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, not only will you discover the unique architecture, with sophisticated design lines, but also cool with many contemporary art works.

Bảo tàng Malmo Konsthall - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Moderna Museet Malmo Modern Art Museum: If you want to have a memorable experience in the city of Malmo, take the time to visit the Moderna Museet Malmo museum. This is the place to display a lot of modern art works of many famous artists in the world.

Khám phá bảo tàng Moderna Museet Malmo - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Malmo Beach Tourism: Is the most famous tourist destination in Malmo. Visitors coming here will have fun, swim and participate in many interesting activities such as: jogging, ice skating, water motor,…. In addition, near the beach, there are many high architectural structures that ‘skyscrapers’ you can explore.

Du lịch biển - Trải nghiệm ở thành phố Malmo

Those are experiences in the city of Malmo you should know. With these suggestions, we hope that you will have a happy journey to Malmo, Sweden, with many memorable memories.

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