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The dolphin-shaped island in Italy is opened for only 12 guests

by Victoria

The island is located in Italy, between Capri and Positano, part of the Sirenusas (or Gallos) island cluster. This unique dolphin-shaped island is the largest in the Sirenusas cluster and is called Gallo Lungo. Gallo Lungo Island, when viewed from above, looks very much like a dancing dolphin, while the name of the island means rooster.

In addition to its special shape, the island also preserves a fascinating historical image. First, the name Sirenusas comes from the Italian word “sirene” meaning “bird fairy” (a figure in Greek mythology). Legend has it that the mythical boat elves live on the islands. The ancient Greeks believed that they had a human head and a bird body. It is these mythical creatures that give the Sirenusa’s second name to the islands of Gallos, in Italian “galli” (rooster).

Gallo Lungo Island was once home to a 13th-century monastery, prison, and watchtower. The king of Naples, Charles II, used the watchtower here to look after the Amalfi coast from pirate attacks. Over the years, this responsibility is still passed on by many tower watchers. However, when Italy became a unified country in the 19th century, ownership of the island was transferred to the town of Positano. 

The story is not over there. The town of Positano gave the Gallo Lungo peninsula to a Russian choreographer, Leonide Massine, in 1919. Back and forth, the island turned into its own, where this former watchtower became residence and dance studio. . Leonide Massine built his own villa on the ruins of Roman buildings, following the advice of a friend, famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

When Leonide Massine died, the island was transferred to Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian dancer rated as one of the best of the time. Rudolf Nureyev joined the royal ballet team in London (UK) and then worked as artistic director at the Paris Opera.

From 1988 until his death in 1992, Rudolf Nureyev lived on the island of Gallo Lungo. He changed the decoration in the mansion to suit his liking, and renovated the water to plant trees and garden. A few years after his death, Gallo Lungo returned to the Italian owner, hotel developer Giovanni Russo in 1996. Today, in addition to using the island as his own residence with seven employees, he also leases. works on the island for tourists in need.

If you are looking for a dolphin-shaped island hiding many historical stories, then Gallo Lungo is a place not to be denied. Visitors from all over can come here to swim in the waters around the island, but only visitors on the island are allowed to dock and see this place.

Currently the island is rented for more than 226,000 USD a week for up to 12 guests, ensuring privacy from eating, sleeping, sightseeing, swimming, canoeing, surfing … There is a resort on the island. The main for the guest with 6 beds, the interior and decoration were made by Rudolf Nureyev when he came here to live. The best time to go to Gallo Lungo is April, May or October, November when there are fewer tourists and the weather is more favorable for relaxation.

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