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The coldest city in the world is sunk in early winter snow

by Victoria

Yakutsk is a Russian port city on the Lena River, in east Siberia. Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world. The temperature here ranges from 19.5 degrees C (July) to about minus 38.6 degrees C (January). Winter lasts from November to March next year.

The outdoor fish market is a unique cultural feature of the people here. Because the temperature is too low, the fish left outside will not spoil. In the photo, a Yakutsk resident is choosing fish for the family meal.

Although it was early winter, Yakutsk was covered in a white color of cold snow. However, this is not too surprising for the people of this place. The image of frozen eyelashes and hair is a frequent occurrence in this city. In the photo, the man’s eyes were covered in snow after he jogged around Pobedy Square.

The difference in temperature between seasons of the year in Yakutsk is the largest in the world. Summer usually starts from June and ends in August. The average temperature is no more than 20 degrees Celsius. However, historically, Yakutsk people have also received a heat of 38.4 degrees C in July. The lowest recorded temperature in Yakutsk was minus 64.4 degrees C in February 1891. Currently, the temperature is minus 37 degrees Celsius.

A woman poses in front of a Christmas tree and a 2021 welcome sign

According to The Guardian, the underground temperature in Yakutsk is usually around minus 5 degrees Celsius. Therefore, many houses are built on concrete piles to avoid contact with cold floors.

Driving on frozen roads is not an easy experience for first-time visitors

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