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Thang Co – a “horror” dish of the Vietnam’s H’Mong people

by Victoria

Sapa, Vietnam is favored by nature with a beautiful natural landscape with terraced fields meandering along the mountains, pleasant cool climate all year round. Sapa tourism in addition to diverse barbecue dishes, also has a unique culinary specialty is Thang Co. However, not everyone can eat victory, because the original win is made from a horse, even the large intestine is “not very clean”.

Thang Co is a traditional dish of the H’Mong people, originating from the Ha Giang mountains in the Northeast and gradually being favored by all the ethnic minorities in the Northern mountainous area. In Vietnam, the Hanoians are proud of pho, the Saigon people are proud of broken rice, the people in the Northwest region are also proud of their Thang Co.

In the past, traditional triumphs were made from a horse, with nothing left out. Later, he won the other ethnic groups to convert beef, buffalo, … and create many different recipes bearing the characteristics of each ethnic group. However, the best Thang Co is still Thang Co horse in Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.

Thang Co is cooked quite simply with 12 traditional spices including cardamom, anise, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, and many other special spices of the upland people. In it, the tree is the last spice. The meat and offal of animals are washed, boiled, pre-marinated with spices, then put in a pot of broth with horse bones, organs, secretions and 12 spices mentioned above has been boiled, and then security for hours to soak the spices. When eating, enjoyers can add a little chili, pepper or salt.

Thang Co dishes in restaurants have been modified

Thang Co pots in upland markets are usually very large, enough for a few dozen people to eat. Thang Co bowls are scooped out to serve diners from large waves of lean meat, fatty meat and viscera. The clean processed horse organs are fragrant, crunchy, mixed with the pungent smell of dipped vegetables such as kale, kale, hot pot, … dotted with a special sauce made from Muong Khuong chili. The original Thang Co of the ethnic people in the markets is often a bit difficult to eat, while in restaurants, Thang Co has been modified a lot to suit the Kinh taste.

Thang Co can be eaten with moth, grilled corn cakes and especially, do not miss fragrant corn wine. Thang Co must be sipped with Bac Ha corn wine or San Lung wine, a warm, fragrant wine, crystallized from the quintessence of mountains and forests. In the chilly atmosphere of Sapa, diners will both pamper the hot pot in front of the national love, while enjoying the pungent taste on the tongue of the upland wine so that we love this poetic Northwest mountainous region. 

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