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Tallinn ancient city, a place forgotten by time

by Victoria

Speaking of Europe, visitors immediately remember France with magnificent Paris, Italy with Venice, Milan, Rome or the Netherlands with the famous Amsterdam city. However, few people know that Europe still has nostalgic ancient cities with carefully preserved architectural works. Tallinn is not only an important economic, political and cultural center of Estonia. This place is also a vivid reflection of a magnificent medieval Europe. Considered as a living medieval museum amidst modern flow, Tallinn city of Estonia is the most attractive destination for history and art enthusiasts.

Despite the changes of nature, politics and economic upheaval, Tallinn still retains the typical Hanseatic architecture from the Middle Ages. The ancient beauty of the city almost does not fade with the stone paved streets, ancient houses built in the 13th century. In 1997, Tallinn Old Town was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site and was the European Cultural Capital in 2011.

Tallinn has just over 400,000 inhabitants. It seems that the people here are not accustomed to having many visitors. The weather in Tallinn is quite cold, sometimes colder than Finland when it is not sunny and the wind is strong. Gorgeous and charismatic are two words I can describe Tallinn city in winter.

It is not just the main political, financial, cultural and educational center of Estonia. Tallinn is also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe with the highest number of startups per capita in the region. The headquarters of the IT agency of the European Union are also located here.

Tallinn’s old town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. You can walk all day here without getting bored, every street corner, the building has an English guide that tells you the historical stories of Tallinn’s ups and downs. Do not forget to visit the cafes in the old town and sip a cup of hot chocolate to feel the peaceful atmosphere in the heart of ancient Europe.

The cost of living in Tallinn is also quite affordable. Compared to Sweden, Finland, it feels like everything here is about 3 times cheaper than modern cities. Traveling in Tallinn is extremely easy with buses and trams (a form of ground train attached to electric wires). Because the city is small, the number of trips here is relatively little, visitors will not worry about getting lost.

Tallinn tourist destinations you don’t want to miss:

Tallinn Old Town

Entering Tallinn medieval old town, you will feel like you are entering a magical fairytale world. It is often the first choice on the list of destinations for travelers who spend a little time in the capital of Estonia. As soon as you step through the Viru gate, you will partially shape the defense system of the 14th century as well as see some of Tallinn’s craft markets.

Viru Gate

The town square and town hall are also the highlights in the old town of this city. If you watch closely, you can see Old Thomas, the city guard on the roof of the town hall. If you want to recharge to be able to explore all this beautiful destination, you can visit the Anneli Viik cafe nearby.

Town Hall in Tallinn Old Town

Continue following the town square, you will see Tallinn’s famous city wall, which is still relatively intact today. Previously, this wall 2.4 km long and today still retains 1.9 km. You can walk along a short section of the wall and see the city through the small windows.

Walls Of Tallinn

Alexander Nevsky Synagogue

Follow the smooth stone paved streets in the old town, you will reach Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a famous street located on Toompea Hill. This church is one of the most beautiful and largest churches in Estonia. It was built in the silhouette of castles where the Tsar of Russia ruled.

The characteristic of this church is the roof tops in the shape of garlic bulbs along with sophisticated and sophisticated decorative patterns.

Great Guild Hall

When coming to the old city of Tallinn, visitors will be able to visit many famous monuments such as the Kadriorg palace, the Great Guild Hall headquarters or the Danish king’s garden, or the Epping tower.

The Great Guild Hall was built in 1417, but so far it looks very solid and solid. You will be amazed and admired by the grandeur and luxury exuded by this building.

The Epping tower

If you are looking for a real slice of Europe that is different, please visit Tallinn, which has not been “invaded” by tourists. This medieval city would be a beautiful experience for the European journey of adventure travelers.

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