Home Destinations Take a risk to check-in the rock stucks in the depths of nearly 1,000 meters – Kjeragbolten

Take a risk to check-in the rock stucks in the depths of nearly 1,000 meters – Kjeragbolten

by Chloe

Kjeragbolten located in Mount Kjerag is a famous place where adventurous people risk their lives for cool virtual pictures.

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Kjeragbolten is a giant rock that lies between two Kjerag cliffs in the Lysefjord fjord, Rogaland County in southwestern Norway. The rock mass inserted in the ravine is 5 m3 wide, suspended in the 984 m deep abyss. So that, many tourists tremble while standing on Kjeragbolten because if the falling rock accidentally, the consequences could take anyone’s life. However, the nerve stimulation of this experience is irresistible to adventure travel enthusiasts.

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Ice ages occurred on Scandinavian Peninsula Northern Europe, Norway completely covered by glaciers. After the last ice age, global warming caused sea levels to rise, flooding fjords. Nowadays, Kjeragbolten’s release from ice faster than sea level rise caused the rock to fall into its current position.

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For a long time, Kjeragbolten has been a popular photography spot in Kjerag’s hiking trail. In 2006, the rock appeared in Where the Hell is Matt? (“Where the hell is Matt?”), Video of tourist Matt Harding doing jig dances in different parts of the world is a viral Internet phenomenon.

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Along with the popularity from Dancing Matt, Kjeragbolten attracts visitors lining up to take pictures of the rock. But don’t worry, the waiting time just range from a few minutes to more than an hour, especially when a cruise ship arrives from the port city of Stavanger.

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For those who love adventure, if the thrill of standing on the rock between the two cliffs is not satisfied, visitors can experience BASE Jumping from Kjeragbolten. The variation sport of skydiving gives visitors the ultimate thrills as they launch into the air amid a breathtaking view.

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Although it looks quite dangerous, visitors can easily get to Kjeragbolten without any special equipment. However, visitors still need to pay careful attention and not subjective because they have to climb the smooth rocks while the weather is often rainy and foggy.

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The perfect time to get to Kjeragbolten is June to September. Only with 10 km of walking paths including 570 meters of climbing. You just need to take between 6 and 8 hours to complete the entire journey to explore Kjeragbolten.

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