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Southern Albania – unspoiled sections nestled in the middle of Europe

by Victoria

When thinking of European tourism, many people will immediately consider about countries like France, Italy, Germany, … However, have you ever thought you would travel to Albania? A name that sounds too strange, right? This is a small country located in the European region. Although it is a country with a modest area, Albania is favored by nature with many beautiful, poetic and charming natural landscapes. Along with a long history, Albania also has many ancient and unique architectural constructions.

About the country of Albania and its South

Albania, full name is the Republic of Albania, is a country located in the Southeast region of Europe. Albania has borders with many different countries such as the North bordering Montenegro, the Northeast bordering Serbia, the East bordering the Macedoni Republic and the South with Greece. Albania is a small country with an area of ​​only about 28 thousand square kilometers and a population of about 3.6 million people.

With rugged mountains surrounded by pristine, winding beaches, Southern Albania is the most attractive part of the country. The inner route boasts the worthy towns of Beratiand Gjirokastra, each filled with Ottoman buildings. Instead, descending the Ionian Coast, you’ll find one of Europe’s only unspoiled regions on the Mediterranean coast, a spot of near-permanent sunshine where the two blues of the sea and the sky suffer. ripped apart by a strip of gray mountains – on a clear day you’ll be able to see Italy from the 1027m high Llogaraja Pass. Both routes converge in the beach town of Saranda, while further south are the amazing remains of Butrinti.

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What time of year should visitors travel to Southern Albania?

According to Albania tourism experience, the ideal time to visit here is between February and June every year. This is the time when the weather and climate in Albania is coolest and most pleasant, not too hot, so it is very suitable for your journey to discover Albania.

Tourist destinations should not be missed in Southern Albania

Berat County • IIA

There is no better place than in Albania but standing on a bridge in the charming, easily accessible town of BERAT. From this vantage point, you will be surrounded by Ottoman-style rows of houses, their dark rectangular windows staring from the white-whitened walls. On the south bank is the sleepy Gorica district, obscured for most of the day by a muscular landscape of rock; To the north is the relatively sunny Mangalemi district, from where steep pebble paths lead to Kalasa atop the hill, a wonderfully furnished old city on top of the most beautiful old towns in the Balkans.

Saranda City (Albania) | Ionian Cruises Daily Cruises Corfu

Look directly at Corfu, and even in the Greek island’s day trip territory, sunny Saranda is perhaps Albania’s most attractive entry point. A recent construction boom has eroded some of the town’s soothing atmosphere, yet remains a great place to relax, stroll along a promenade and watch the sun set over a glass cocktails. There are beaches in town, but preferably beaches near Ksamili, about 20 kilometers south.

Saranda Port Butrint (site de l'Unesco) – Tours Albania & Balkans

Magnificently perched on an exposed nub of land, the isolated ruins of Butrint give you a glimpse of more than 2,500 years of history and a delight to explore on its eucalypt-shaded trails . This area was first developed by the Greeks in the fourth century BC, and a large theater and nearby public baths were built soon after. Butrint then reached its zenith during the Roman period – Julius Caesar stopped in 44 BC – although most statues excavated from this period are now in the museums of Tirana. You can see most of Butrinti’s attractions on a circular walkway, however head to the Acropolis for great views and a wonderful museum full of unearthed artifacts.

The town of Gjirokastra
Gjirokaster - Albania's Most Beautiful UNESCO Town — Adventurous Travels |  Adventure Travel | Best Beaches | Off the Beaten Path | Best Countries |  Best Mountains Treks

The next place that you should go in your journey to discover Albania is the town of Gjirokastra. This is a beautiful little town deep inside the Drinos valley. The whole town is full of ancient buildings, designed in a very unique architectural style bearing the typical architectural features of Albania in the seventeenth century.

The Albanian Ionian Sea Coast
Albania's Gorgeous Riviera on the Ionian Sea - GlobeRovers
Ionian Sea

The Albanian Ionian Sea Coast is known for its diverse landscapes, crystal waters and panoramic views. The coastline is dominated by several long straight and rocky beaches. With 107 miles of coastline, the Ionian coast has no shortage of beautiful beaches. With crystal-deep water and captivating views, here is a guide to the best part of the Riviera region of Albania. In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience many exciting entertainment activities and enjoy delicious food.

Pirate’s Cave in Dhërmi

Dhërmi is a village in Vlorë County, Albania. It is part of the Himarë government. The village is located 42 km south of Vlorë city and about the same distance to the north from the city Sarandë in the south. It is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at an altitude of about 200 meters, and includes three neighborhoods: Gjilek, Kondraq (also known as Kallam), and Dhërmi itself. The mountains descend to the southwest into the Ionian coasts and Corfu to the far south.

Shpella e Piratëve (Pirates Cave), Albania. [3688×2451] – abigwideworld

Almost no one visits Dhërmi, Albania in the summer without stopping by Pirates’ Cave, one of the most spectacular and popular in the country. This cave seems to inspire all who experience it. Inside the cave, it was easy to get lost yourself in another period in time, when pirates sought refuge among these rocks, as they fled the strong winds of the Ionian or simply stopped to unwind along their long journey. The summer is the most ideal time to visit this cave as the waters are at their calmest and most peaceful in this period. 

Let’s meet Aleksander, a local of the beautiful Albania, he knows his country very well and he plans to travel every spot of the country. He is a is travel blogger and lives in Tirana capital city of Albania. He also owns a youtube channel called “Vibe Tube”, which captures impressive footage of him and his girlfriend – Xhuliana during their travels.

image of Alex at Gjipe Eco Campground – Dhërmi

Aleksander just had a trip to The Albanian Ionian Sea Coast. “We were camping at Gjipe Eco Campground and started to do a lot of activities like rock-climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking and canoeing. Canoeing was the best activity that we did on this coast because we found a lot of beautiful spots where the most beautiful was a big cave. So, we started canoeing from Gjipe to Pirate’s Cave and it took 30 minutes to arrive to the this fantastic destination. The trip was cool because we could see the deep blue sea above us and the rock formation on the side.” – said Aleksander.

This is a video of their journey in the beautiful ocean and the amazing Pirate’s Cave exploration. Hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to share your own journeys with us via info@wetravelguides.com, or our Facebook/Twitter.

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