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Snorkel into the ocean to admire the Moua underwater art museum in Australia

by Victoria

The Moua Underwater Art Museum is where you have to dive into the ocean to discover its beauty and admire the world-famous Great Barrier reef. The Museum of Underwater Art on the Great Barrier Reef has welcomed its first visitors. British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has incorporated environmental arts and practice in his latest artwork on the Great Barrier Reef.

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

An introduction to the Moua Underwater Museum of Art

The museum is located on the world famous coral reef Great Barrier, stretching along the northeast coast of Australia, a spine consisting of 3,800 coral reefs and atolls across the Coral Sea. Together, they form the largest living structure on Earth. This is also a world famous tourist destination, attracting tourists, divers, scientists and environmentalists.

Fine arts have found new depth – literally – as the Southern Hemisphere’s first underwater museum: The Moua Underwater Art Museum welcomes visitors to the exhibition of the Coral Greenhouse in Townsville, Australia. from August 2020.

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

Located 18 meters deep on the ocean floor at the John Brewer Reef of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the 64-ton artwork by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor features a 12-meter-long skeletal structure with 20 paintings The statue depicts students working with corals, as well as three sculptures of local flora, such as eucalyptus and palm …

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

This non-profit work was done over a period of 3 years by British sculptor and environmental expert Jason deCaires Taylor, author of many underwater art works in Mexico, Lanzarote, Bahamas, Grenada …

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and pH-neutral cementitious compounds, the artwork also has a dual environmental protection role, as the material will help stimulate the growth of natural corals. . The sections here offer minimal resistance to wave energy, while providing an ideal surface for filter-eating organisms and fish to congregate. The artist also hopes that this Moua underwater art museum could be a shelter for animals like sea urchins and octopus.

Completed December 2019, this undersea exhibit is open to divers and divers in April this year. It can be said that this is a place where tourists can snorkel, this place will evolve from an activity of water sports to a special cultural experience unlike anywhere else in the world!

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

The Coral Greenhouse is just one of four galleries of the Moua underwater art museum. In which Ocean Siren – the only statue visible on the water from the mainland in Townsville – is a painting depicting a native girl from Wulgurukaba named Takoda Johnson, 4m high as a member of the Wulgurukaba people in the region. local land. This statue features an LED of a color-changing structure based on the water temperature of the Davies Reef, which represents the impact of climate change on ocean temperature, with a blue color indicating safety in when dark red is an important warning.

In addition, two other parts of the museum scheduled to be completed in 2021 are Palm Island in June and Magnetic Island in December.

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật dưới nước Moua

The Moua Underwater Museum of Art is expected to generate more than 42 million AUD in regional economic activity each year and bring an additional 50,000 visitors to the area annually. Also underwater museums are becoming more popular around the world. In December 2019, ‘Living on the Sea Museum’ opened in the Dominican Republic. This museum offers divers a place to view preserved artifacts from the shipwrecks.

Besides that in Jordan, divers can explore tanks, helicopters and more in the underwater military museum just off the coast of Aqaba. And in Bahrain, a Boeing 747 has been sunk to create an underwater theme park!

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