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Small restaurant in Australia has 20,000 diners waiting for their turn

by Victoria

Deep in the Melbourne suburbs is Enter Via Laundry, a restaurant that serves dinner only for 12 people per night. The list of customers waiting for their turn is now up to 20,000 people. Indian chef Helly Raichura’s restaurant only serves 12 people a night, despite the long waiting list.

Diners arriving for a meal have to pass through a path that, according to Melissa Leong, Escape’s pen, is unlike any other she has ever met. You have to go to the side door of a laundry, then enter the dining room of Helly Raichura – a famous chef who grew up in Gujarat, India. The chef creates complex, well-researched and authentic Indian dishes.

The owner of the restaurant said that Indian cuisine is diverse, and each region has its own characteristics. There are very few books and reliable online documents about Helly’s hometown cuisine. Therefore, she called, wrote letters and interviewed many people to build the menu for her restaurant. Currently, the restaurant offers unique dishes that you have never heard of until enjoyed.

One of Helly’s famous dishes, which aired on MasterChef this year, is “Pasta is not pasta” or Khandvi – a traditional dish of the Indian state of Maharashtrian. The dish looks quite similar to pasta, with a broth fragrant with coconut, mustard seeds, anemone (asafoetida), sesame, green pepper and ginger … However, this dish is made of chickpea flour, instead of normal flour. And the noodles seem to melt right on the tip of the customer’s tongue.

The restaurant’s famous Khandvi dish

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