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Shiver when entering the Church of human bones in the Czech Republic

by Victoria

Not only does Europe have the Kaplica Czaszek Skull Church in Poland, the Capela dos Ossos in the Portuguese Évora or the Catacombs containing more than six million remains in Paris, but also the Church of Skeletons in the Czech Republic attracts a lot of tourists.

Located in the ancient city of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic, Sedlec Ossuary Church, also known as “Bone Church”, has been and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Czech Republic.

History of the human skeleton church in the Czech Republic

Initially, in the 1100s the Sedlec church was a cemetery because the town of Kutná Hora was now a rich mineral extraction site with many dead in the mines. Then, in the late 1200s, when an abbot made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and brought back some Holy Land scattered around the cemetery, it quickly became a desirable final resting place. people throughout Central Europe.

Then, when the plague hit Europe in the 14th century, nearly 30,000 victims died and the Crusades that followed brought 10,000 more casualties to rest in this special cemetery, not to mention burials. Other burial space over time has made the burial space narrow and rare.

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Therefore, in the early 15th century, a Gothic church with a statue was built in the cemetery to store the skeletons and bury new bodies. But this would be nothing special until 1870, when the Schwarzenberg family that owned the land commissioned František Rint – a local woodcutter to create something beautiful out of sprawl bones, Therefore, the skeleton church in the Czech Republic finally became famous all over the world.

The ‘creepy’ space of Human Bones Church in the Czech Republic

True to its name, to decorate all the church from the entrance, one has to use up to 60,000 skeletons and of course no matter how you cut it is also a lot of corpses, so for people If weak heart, please prepare mentally before entering it.

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Step down the stairs and through the archway, the first thing that welcomes you is a cross and two holy grail made of human bones. And below the stairs, two perfectly stacked stakes with countless bones forming a path leading into the main area of ​​the bone church.

In particular, at the top of each pole is a crown symbolizing the Christian belief that the followers of this religion will “conquer” death and have eternal life. Taking death to negate death – a way perhaps only this place can be.

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Entering the main foyer of the human skeleton church in the Czech Republic, visitors not only see the chandeliers but also see bone columns with angels on their heads, and skull banners sweeping through the ceiling, or many crosses. The family’s figurines and emblem have commissioned the painter to decorate the chapel, all made entirely of bone, making many people not dare to look straight.

However, the most unique point in the lobby to mention is the chandelier in the middle of the sanctuary. It is thought to contain every bone in the human body and is surrounded by four columns stacked with a skull.

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Furthermore, the candles are placed in the skulls and continually lit to form a cave-like eye, which looks terrifying. But that doesn’t stop thousands of tourists flocking to the Sedlec Ossuary Catholic Church every day to count bones in chandeliers. Seeing human curiosity is no joke.

In addition, the underground chapel of the human skeleton church in the Czech Republic is also a place that visitors should explore. Because of the quiet space, it seems that a falling needle can also hear the sound, combined with the coldness and the dim yellow light from the light, creating a scene like a horror movie.

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And of course, human bones are also used to decorate the entire chapel: from Rint’s signature on the outlines, to the entrance to the arches and ceilings. In particular, the most prominent is the four large bone altars, with each person placed on the altar wearing a large golden crown and adorned with a human skull, both artistic and horror.

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But the special of the chapel at the Human Bone Church is not in the architecture, but in the message it brings: showing everyone the fragility of life and calling on people to change their lives. Christians are better because any day can be their last.

Although the idea of ​​using real human bones to decorate a church is creepy, it is impossible not to admire its artistry, skill and vision, as well as the courage of the artist who dared. Drilling each bone by hand, this is something that no one or any church can do.

The Church of human bones in Czech makes some people feel peaceful, some people feel anxious, some people feel a little scared, but no matter what emotion you are, if you are someone who likes to explore new things, you should not ignore it.

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