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Sham Castle – The glorious castle that… doesn’t exist!

by Victoria

Each city, town and even a village has something different and something quirky in England. The older the place the more of it you see. It’s always something hidden. There are ornate tiles or mascarons which are placed on sides of some cottages as accents. It only takes few moments to observe intently and the hidden world of accents will start opening up. Usually those details are fairly small. However cities are full of those touches too. Some of those are truly extraordinary.

The decorative touch of the grand scale can be found the city of Bath, a world heritage site. Generally uniform Mediterranean looking city has one very curious detail. River Avon which carves its way through the city has the most photographed location in the city of Bath – Poulteney Bridge. The scenery is so visually enchanting that all tourists group around the barrier trying to get that perfect selfy with the river cascades and the bridge on the background. Rarely does anyone stop to look up the hill on the other side of the river and observe calming skyline of green trees and houses dotted around on the rolling slopes. However, there is something quite extraordinary that hides behind the green. Something that only observant eye could notice immediately. There stands a very tiny but distinctive castle with a gate tower, walls and two smaller towers on either side. The site is so attractive that if you keep looking at it, even from a fair distance you will be able to notice more details. Little did I know that this castle is fake. It was built for one purpose only: to embellish the view on the hills. It was built in 1762 on commission of Ralph Allen who was an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

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Now this castle attracts visitors from all over the world. And although it is not in the city people still make a separate journey to see it up close. The folly castle is located in the nearby village of Claverton Down. There you can enjoy the breathtaking view on the city of Bath. If you are driving or walking to see this marvel of decorative architecture be ready for a very steep asset on the hill where it is located. Once you are there the scenery is truly unforgettable. You can see exactly how this castle looks like as well as the magnificent views around it in my video below this article.

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