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Reasons why Bratislava, Slovakia has to become your next travel destination

by Victoria

Nestled between the Pannonian Plain and the Tatra Mountains is Slovakia, a colorful mixture of cities with winding streets, castles and Gothic architecture as well as unique lush forests and tops mountains that are over 2,000 meters high. It is a country with a rich history and unique traditions. Tourism is also growing as in some other neighboring countries, which creates countless opportunities to explore the true country of Slovakia. Read the travel tips for the Central European country and you’ll soon know why it should be your next travel destination.

Things to do in Bratislava

Bratislava is the only capital in the world with a border with Austria and Hungary. This means excellent connection with the capitals of the aforementioned neighboring countries. The contrasting city is home to medieval architecture and majestic castles and buildings of Socialist architecture.

In order to get the right feel for the city, it’s best to take a tour bus tour that will take you around the capital, from the castle to the Danube. Buses are red in color and look like the way buses usually look in old times. And there is another tour waiting, this time with a car or more specifically an Škoda. The tour includes exploring the political changes of the 20th century and Communist architecture. But you can also opt for a more modern means of transportation, namely an electric motorbike that comes with experienced local guides. You can choose from three routes that will take you around the city.

Places to visit in Bratislava

A tower castle above Bratislava used to be the seat of its former rulers. Climb the 47-meter-high tower where you can enjoy amazing views of the city and neighboring countries. This is where royal jewels were once displayed.

The Old Quarter is small but even so, it still offers plenty of opportunities for you to get lost while exploring the city’s cobbled streets or shopping in the charming little shops.

You will enjoy walking down the 15th-century Martin’s Gothic St; or to Michael’s Gate, the only medieval gate preserved. You can also climb to the tower above the gate. One of the main tourist attractions is the old town hall, built in 1370.

For the most beautiful roads, Kapitulská is definitely one of them, giving you the feeling of being back in time. It is a small medieval street, full of colorful buildings. The old town is especially famous for its large number of monuments.

A prime example is a statue of a worker climbing from within an axis, or a statue of a man greeting you from the corner of the main square. The Slavin Monument is also a notable landmark and was built as a memorial to the 7,000 Soviets who occupied the city in 1945. You can climb two meters to the top.

St. Elizabeth Church, also known as the Blue Church, stands out and is blue as its name suggests. It was built in 1913. There is a mobile application that will attract tourists as it will help them explore Bratislava. Users have to solve different puzzles while exploring the capital and exploring fun places in the city.

If you are looking for the best place to take a nap and have some time off at the city’s attractions, Lake Zlaté Piesky is the perfect place to enjoy by the lake.

Meet Jean Wong, who just had a trip in this beautiful old town: “I’m a consultant in an investment bank by day who also loves food, travel and fitness. In my free time, I compete in Dragon Boat for the GB squad, travel across Europe regularly to explore and experience new cultures. ” Let’s watch some scenes of Bratislava recorded on his youtube channel. 

Jean also shared some experiences while traveling in this town: “Mode of transport around the capital, bus is one but in the main city is tram. Electric scooter and bike can be rented like apps such as Bolt. This is easily accessible as you can find these dotted across the City and this is very convenient and fun, majority of the people use it. Public transports costs from as low as 80cent. Also, a bonus trip if you fancy, you can easily visit Vienna which is only 1 hour by train”

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