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Prometheus Cave – The masterpiece of nature

by Chloe

Natural monument Prometheus Cave is located in Tskaltubo municipality in Imereti region. Its length is 1,8 km and this cave is formed within the depth of 40 meters.

The Prometheus Cave is a notable beautiful natural monument of the world. It is about 60-70 million years old. This beautifully shaped karst cave with stunning strips of stalactites and stalagmites once again will convince you of the enormous power of nature and will travel you in the fairy world.

Prometheus cave is located in the village of Kumistavi in Tskaltubo municipality, in the basin of Kuma River. In the cave are found 22 halls, from which for tourists is opened only 6. In the cave, it is possible to walk through the length of 1420 meters, see the halls and travel by boat on the river flow.

Coming to this magnificent cave, you can walk through the length of 1420 meters in the cave’s territory to visit 6 halls and enjoy boating tour while walking the river. The inside of this cave is a real natural masterpieces with a number of stalactites and stalagmites which are the most beautiful forms created by nature.

In the Prometheus Cave, you will meet a lot of real masterpieces that no man can create – stalactites, and stalagmites, beautiful forms of it leave the impression of the fairy environment. Also, When walking in the cave, there are “petrification waterfalls,” “hanging stone curtains,” helictites, etc.

While visiting the cave, hanging waterfalls are waiting for you too. So, after this pandemic, don’t forget to be more adventurous and spend your weekend in a beautiful and special area – Western Georgia.  

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