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Penguins eggs – From ‘specialty’ to forbidden dish

by Chloe

While eggs, ducks, goose, and goose… are often used as food, very few people, even almost no one knows the concept of eating penguin eggs.

If you’re wondering if it’s legal to eat penguin eggs, the answer is no. Because the exploitation of penguin eggs is almost illegal in all countries of the world.

For example, residents of South Africa have stopped collecting penguin eggs since 1960. Like in the Falkland Islands, the exploitation of penguin eggs has been completely banned since August 1999. Those who break this law will be charged with a criminal offense.

Before all these bans were enacted, it was fairly common to eat penguin eggs. Author Anthony de Villiers once shared in an article published in Stuff in 2014 that: “I have tried eating a few penguin eggs. And they are really delicious. ”

According to Anthony, around the 1950s, penguin eggs were considered a popular dish in South Africa. The government even licensed private companies to extract penguin eggs from the islands off the coast. “As far as I remember, one can order up to 20 penguin eggs a year per family.”

“The African penguin eggs are two or three times bigger than the eggs and they’re pretty round. Although boiled for 10-15 minutes, the egg whites are still as transparent as jelly, and the yolks are orange. Penguins eggs are a bit fishy, ​​but fishy in a way that’s delicious and delicious, ”Anthony said.

In addition to South Africa, penguin eggs are also considered a popular dish in Antarctica according to blogger Francesca. “In the 1800s, the people here not only took penguin eggs, but also killed them for fat and meat. Penguin eggs can be stored for up to a year at ambient temperature, because Antarctica is inherently very cold.

The taste of penguin meat, as described by a Belgian sailor in 1898, was “both beefy, cod-fish, and a bit like roasted duck’s back meat, combined with the taste of blood and oil.” fish liver. “

However, as science progressed and researchers discovered that the number of penguins was drastically decreased, the collection of penguin eggs was strongly condemned by the animal protection organizations, then banned completely.

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