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Passionate about the shimmering beauty of Taiwan festivals

by Victoria

While the dishes make the brand, the Taiwanese festivals make this land more memorable in the hearts of visitors than ever. In addition to popular traditional festivals such as Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Tomb Ceremony or Dragon Festival … there are many typical festivals in Taiwan that have no place to make visitors fall in love.

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

According to legend: the lantern was invented by Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-265). It was originally used for military communications, functioned similarly to beacon towers and is recognized as the earliest ancestor of hot air balloons.

thả thả đèn trời pingxi -  lễ hội Đài Loan lung linh

In the early 19th century, the lantern festival was brought to Taiwan and at the beginning of the spring planting season, people would release the sky lantern into the air as a prayer for the coming year. Because in ancient times, marriage was for the purpose of “having more sons” and increasing manpower, so people went to the temple to pray for blessings and drop sky lanterns on it that said things like “May I have children soon boys ”. and “May a good harvest.” Sky lanterns are released in the wind, presented to their ancestors to report that everything is well and to pray for blessings.

lễ thả đèn trời pingxi - lễ hội Đài Loan hấp dẫn

Lantern Festival

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is held on January 15 of the lunar calendar, as it is the first night after the Lunar New Year when the full moon and the culmination of the New Year festivities. This is considered the most important Taiwan festival since 1990 until now.

However, traditionally, during the 16 days from New Year’s Eve until the official lantern festival, there is a special celebration. At the same time, on these days, the parks or roads all over Taiwan become a wonderful sight with countless giant lanterns lit up.

lễ hội đèn lồng - lễ hội Đài Loan huyền ảo

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

While much of Asia or the closest Taipei people believe red decorations or sky lights can bring good luck in the new year, locals in Yanshui and Tainan say that The more times you get hit by a missile, the better.

Therefore, during the first fifteen days of the first lunar month, this strange Taiwanese festival will take place. Meanwhile, in the evening, the district will launch millions of fireworks directly into the eager crowd. Thousands of people wearing helmets and protective gear, or motorcyclists and taking a can or two of liquid poured into the street for a chance of being battered by explosions, because at this festival, it almost caught fire. considered a good thing.

The Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival begins with a parade of palanquins, each carrying a holy statue and giant cylinders called a beehive stuffed with bottle rockets and spaced several yards apart along the parade route. . As the parade passed through town, crowds flocked to gather around the hives and set fire to fire.

lễ bắn pháo hoa tổ ong - lễ hội Đài Loan kỳ lạ

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