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Pad Thai – The ‘national’ dish of the land of Golden Temple Thailand

by Victoria

Thailand – a country famous for its sacred temples, but the culinary scene here also makes visitors love and love. Most worth mentioning is Pad Thai – the national dish of the Golden Temple country.

Talking about the attractiveness of a country to tourists, in addition to the beautiful scenery of nature, diverse entertainment places, we cannot help but mention the culinary of that country.

A country’s cuisine is the fastest way that tourists will always remember this place. And Thailand too, not only owns beautiful entertainment places like paradise, but also Thailand’s cuisine is extremely attractive to visitors from all over the world. And in the list of delicious Thai dishes, we cannot help but mention Pad Thai

History of Pad Thai

In the 1930s when King Phibun was still ruling, in order to renew and develop the country he changed his name from Siam to Thailand, he also chose a new national anthem and found a dish to spread the culture. Country’s cuisine comes to the world. And in that food search competition, Pad Thai was born.


Influenced from Chinese cuisine, the main ingredient of this dish is fried noodles. However, Pad Thai has created its own unique feature, which is the sauce. The sauce of this special dish is balanced by the combination of flavors such as sour, spicy, salty, sweet. And because of this harmonious combination that makes visitors always remember when tasting.

Ingredients of Thai-style fried noodles

With the desire to disseminate national cultural identity, Pad Thai stir-fried pho is also encouraged to use this dish for main meals as a way to protect their health.

The composition of this “national” dish is extremely diverse, in addition to the main ingredients such as noodles, shrimp, tofu, its ingredients are also combined with chicken, beef, green vegetables, eggs and bean sprouts. .


With the variety of ingredients, everyone can prepare this Pad Thai on their own to their liking. The secret to making the dish more delicious is the recipe and the spices used. A standard Pad Thai dish is to taste the sweetness of shrimp, the spicy taste of chili, the aroma of chives leaves and the acrid taste of banana flowers.

In addition, Pad Thai stir-fried pho is also selected as a Thai diet because this dish is rich in nutrients, easy to process and users can give plenty of green vegetables and still feel delicious.

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