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One of a kind festivals in Egypt

by Victoria

Egypt tourism has a strong attraction with the mystical features of the 5000-year history. Coming to Egypt is to go to the great pyramid wonders, the Egyptian museum that holds art, culture, society, religion, Pharaoh’s tomb, Luxor temple, Emperor valley, magnificent Alexandrian library, Abu Simbel Temple. Red Sea Resort has the most interesting diving service in the world. In addition, Egypt’s festivals and culture is also a unique feature, attracting millions of international visitors every year.

1. Leylet en Nuktah Festival (Nile River Festival)

The Nile River Festival, held on June 17 every year, originates from a very vivid legend: when the husband of the goddess Aixirong died, who was in great pain, tears poured down like rain, creating floods on both sides of the Nile. In order to alleviate the goddess’s pain, people sang to comfort her and finally the goddess smiled again. All places where river water spills over are revealing the kindergarten, making food crops appear. And since then, this traditional festival increasingly attracts tourists to join in harmony with the dances and lyrics of the people here.

Leylet en Nuktah

2. Moulid Cultural Festival

Moulid al-Hussein in Cairo – Jewel's Travel Adventures

Held in the Tanta region, the Nile Delta region, to commemorate Ahmed El Bedawi – a Sufi Saint of the 13th century. The festival’s repertoire includes: pilgrimage, dance, part of a mystical ritual Islamic. Moulid is extremely focused by the Egyptian government. Many Sufi congregations on this occasion will build makeshift tents and provide free food to the poor. During this festival all strict Islamic religions of sexism will temporarily be disregarded and will be a wonderful journey for devotees from all over the world.

3. Ramadan Lantern Festival

The lantern festival takes place during the Indian holy month of Ramadan in many different ways, from performing various types of folk culture to singing or lighting mosques. In it, the most prominent is still the sparkling hand-made lanterns – a sacred symbol of Egyptian Ramadan.

The story behind Ramadan Lantern - Daily News Egypt

4. Sham el Nessim

Also known as the Sniffing the Breeze festival, the Sham el Nessim festival celebrates the arrival of spring, held in early April. At this time families gather together and picnic in parks and beaches or historical sites, enjoying traditional dishes together. Acrossing the streets are dancers with many exciting entertainments.

The Origins of Egypt's Oldest Celebration: Sham El-Nessim - Scoop Empire

5. Mawlid an-Nabi

One of the important Muslim festivals held in late November in Egypt is Mawlid an-Nabi, which marks the birth of Prophet Muhammad. During the holiday there will be large-scale parades and processions, along with many street performances such as dancing, acrobatics, drumming,…. In addition, there are traditional dishes available for sale on the roadside.

Moulid an-Nabi
IN PICTURES: Mawlid al-Nabi celebrations | Middle East Eye édition française

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